401. CREATIVE WRITING. (2) Trial writing in each of the literary forms, including the problem narrative. One long paper of one of the literary forms required. 4-03. SHAKESPEARE. (2) A study of selected Shakespearean plays from the standpoint of the universal human truths portrayed by the characters. 404. PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR. (2) A general review designed to prepare the English major for the comprehensive examination and to meet the needs of the student in those areas in which special study may be necessary. 406. WORLD LITERATURE. (2) A survey of some of the world's greatest books, to understand some of the basic ideas which have challenged men from earliest times. 408. MAJOR AMERICAN NOVELISTS. (2) A critical reading and evaluation of the major literary spokesmen for romanti­ cism and realism. 410. CHILDREN'S LITERATURE. (2) An introduction to children's literature on all grade levels in elementary school with consideration for the historical trends, criteria for selection, and a student's compiled bibliography covering children's reading interests and expressional forms. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Associate Professors ANTONIO SERRANO, E. CHESTER BURWELL; Assistant Professor HARRY STURZ. Obiectives. The objectives of this Department are to increase linguistic aptitude, to provide a basis for future graduate work, to meet the needs of the mission field , and to give an insight into cultural and literary values of other nations. FRENCH 201, 202. ELEMENTARY FRENCH. (3, 3) Basic principles of pronunciation and grammar, vocabulary drill , graded reading. From the beginning, classroom conversation in French. 301, 302. INTERMEDIATE FRENCH. (3, 3) Advanced grammar and conversation, with stress placed upon reading for meaning and speed. GERMAN 201, 202. ELEMENTARY GERMAN. (3, 3) Essentials of grammar, basic vocabulary, reading, comprehension, elementary composition, and conversational method from the beginning. 301, 302. INTERMEDIATE GERMAN. (3, 3) Grammar review. Advanced reading in German classical literature with con­ versation. Collateral reading ana reports. 40

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