An introduction to the grammar , syntax, and vocabulary of New Testament Grek with practice in reading simple passages from the Greek New Testament. 301, 302. INTERMEDIATE GREEK GRAMMAR. (3, 3) Review and advance in grammar, syntax, and vocabul ary with extensive reading in the New T estament. Prer equisite: Kaine or classical Greek grammar. 303, 304. HELLENISTIC GREEK. (3, 3) Readings from the Septuagint, together with selections from Jewish and pagan writers of the Kaine period. Prerequisite : two years of Greek. 401 , 402. PATRISTIC GREEK. (3, 3) Historical background and selected readings from the Greek church fathers. Prerequisite: two years of Greek. 403, 404. CLASSICAL GREEK. (1-3, 1-3) Selected readings in Homer, Greek drama, philosophy, lyric poetry, history, Attic orators. Prerequisit e: Two years of Greek. SPANISH 201, 202. ELEMENTARY SPANISH. (4-4) A course designed to give the student a background in the fundamentals of pronunciation, grammar, conversation and graded reading. 301, 302. INTERMEDIATE SPANISH. (3-3) Advanced grammar, composition, increased facility in conversation and reading 401, 402. BIBLICAL SPANISH. (2-2) A practical course designed to familiarize the student with the Spani~h Bible and the scriptural terminology used in Spanish-speaking services, and to increase his facility in reading. 415, 416. SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE. (2-2) The reading of outstanding literature from the Colonial Period to the pr esent. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Professors PAUL W. WOHLGEMUTH, RAYNOR BROWN ; Instructors ELMA Doss, ANA GAITAN, ELIZABETH HILTON, EARLE HULIN, MARY ANN IVANOFF. Student Instructor DUANE DUNHAM. Obiective. The objective of the Department of Music is two-fold: (1) to provide competent instruction in the field of music, and (2) to provide the specialized training necessary for the fi elds of church music and music education. Requiremenls. In the church music major eighty-two uni ts of music are required. In the music education ma jor one hundred and four music units are required. Entrance Requirements. In addition to the regular College requirements, stu­ dents entering the Department of Music must also pass the following: (1) a 41

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