516. TEACHING THEORY. (2) T eaching methods and practice m teaching. Evaluation of theory texts. Observa­ tion in theory classes.

ADDITIONAL MUSIC COURSES (Not allowed for credit in the Music Major)

171. SONG LEADING. (1) A simple course in conducting especially designed to prepare the student to direct congregational singing through actual practice and analysis of each student' s performance. Prerequisite: Music 161-162. 241. CLASS PIANO. (1) Music 191 fulfills the requirements for this course. 341. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MUSIC METHODS. (2) A course designed for the elementary public school teacher covering all grade levels of the state music curriculum. Instruction in auto harp and in the methods enabling him to teach such classes as singing and rhythm band. Student demon­ strations required. APPLIED MUSIC The Department has adopted the applied music requirements published by the National Association of Schools of Music. These standards apply only to the principal instrument of those enrolled as Music majors. Instruction in piano, organ, voice, and orchestral instruments is offered on three levels. Collegiate (Individual instruction, indi cated by the subject numbers 151, 152; 251, 252; etc.) These courses have specific requirements both for entrance and for each semester's work. •Preparatory (Individual instruction)-For the student who is not ready for collegiate level study. •Beginners Music 191 (class instruction, six to ten students, taught each semester )-For the student with little or no previous training who desires to study applied music. Music 192--Continuation of Music 191. One semester of class instruction is r equi red before the student 1s eligible for private lessons. Applied Music Requirements for Church Music Maiors: The rnm1mum number of earned units shall be twenty-six (including two units of Service Performance) . Students whose principal instrument is 1. Organ: 16 units of organ, 4 of voice, 2 of piano, 2 electives. 2. Piano: 16 units of piano, 4 of voice, 4 of organ. 3. Voice: 16 units of voice, 6 of piano or organ (no less than 2 in either instru­ ment) , 2 electives. 4. An orchestral instrument: 16 units of the principal instrument, 4 of voice, 4 of piano and organ. •Not allowed for credit toward the principal instrument requirements of the Church Music course. 45

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