MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Objective. The purpose of this department is to provide a background in mathe­ matics which is needed for further work in education, psychology, and science. 101. BASIC MATHEMATICS. (3) Advanced arithmetical problems and introduction to the basic concepts of algebra and geometry. Designed for students with insufficient background in high school algebra and geometry. 103. COLLEGE ALGEBRA. (3) Review of fundamental principles; linear and quadratic equations; logarithms; binomial theory; determinants. 104. TRIGONOMETRY. (3) Trigonometric functions and equations; solution of angles. 105. DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS. (3) Differentation and integration of algebraic functions with applications to geometry and physics. 106. INTEGRAL CALCULUS. (3) Multiple integration. Prerequisite: Math. 105 201. THEORY OF EQUATIONS. (3) Elementary theory of algebraic equations; elimination; detenninants. Prerequisite: Math. 106 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Professor BOLTON DAVIDHEISER; Instructors LESLIE STEPHEN GRAHAM, ROBERT R. SANDERS Objectives. This department has a two-fold objective: (1) to give the student the broad view of science, its methodology and discoveries necessary for intelligent living in a technological age; and (2) to provide the instruction in specific fields needed for further work in science, psychology, and education. 101, 102. PHYSICAL SCIENCE. (2, 2) A survey of the methodology and discoveries of the physical sciences. 201, 202. BIOLOGY .(4, 4, three hours lecture and three hours laboratory) A survey course acquainting the student with the variety of living things and introducing the basic principles by which they exist. The significance of these principles to man emphasized. 301. PHYSIOLOGY AND ANATOMY. (3) A study of the basic facts of structure and function of the huma_n body. Prerequisite: 201 and 202 or their equivalent 49

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