Objective. The objective of this department is to provide instruction in the organization of personal libraries and information files, and to provide the basic training for library work in school and church library situations. Instruction and practice are provided in the three branches of Library Science: classification, cataloging, and circulation. Requirements for a Minor in Library Science. Thirteen units are required for a minor in Library Science. Students completing the minor receive a certificate. The courses in Audio Visual (Ed 302) and Children's Literature (Eng 410) may be credited toward the requirements for the Certificate in Library Science if not used toward the major in Education. 301. LIBRARY SCIENCE I (Filing and Indexing). (1) A study of the handling of pamphlets, clippings, notes, and other non-book materials. Indexing of these materials, together with analytical indexing of books and periodicals. Designed for pastors and Christian workers, as well as being a specialized course for Library Science students. 302. LIBRARY SCIENCE II (Binding and Repair). (1) A study of binding tehcniques from the beginning of book making, and of modern bindery practice. Laboratory in types of repair and binding that can be done with simple equipment. 303. LIBRARY SCIENCE III (Church Librarianship). (1) Deals with the problems of organizing, operating, and publicizing of the church library, including the audio-visual center. Visits to church libraries, and laboratory work. An evening course. 304. LIBRARY SCIENCE IV (History of Books and Printing). (2) A survey of the whole development of writing and writing materials, manu­ scripts and printed books, typographic forms, and book design and production. 401. LIBRARY SCIENCE V (School Librarianship). (2) A study of the problems connected with the organization and operation of school libraries on the elementary and secondary school levels, with laboratory work and reports. Required of Education majors. 402. LIBRARY SCIENCE VI (Introduction to Library Work). (2) A basic course for school and institutional library work on the secondary,

collegiate and graduate levels. Parallels Course 401 in some areas. 403. LIBRARY SCIENCE VII (Classification and Cataloging). (2)

A study of the various systems of classification of knowledge and books, and of subject headings, and extensive work in cataloging in all areas of knowledge, including audio-visual materials. Prerequisite: Library Science 401 or 402 404. LIBRARY SCIENCE VIII (Reference). (2) An extensive study of reference service and reference works in the various fields of knowledge, with principles of critical evaluation. Prerequisite: Library Science 401 or 402 405. LIBRARY SCIENCE IX (Bibliography). (2) Principles and practice of bilbliography , a study of bibliographic tools, and the compilation of an extensive bibliography in some subject area. Prerequisite: Library Science 401 or 402 53

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