410. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3) A survey of the viewpoints, aims, and methodologies involved in clinical practice. Prerequisites: Abnormal Psychology and Mental Hygiene 420. RESEARCH PROBLEMS. (2) Group discussion based on problems of individual and group research.



402. ANTHROPOLOGY. (3) The origin and antiquity of man; racial criteria and problems; culture, including material culture, social organization, language, religion, etc.

HISTORY Obiective. The objective of the courses offered in the field of history is twofold: to acquaint the student with the facts of history, and to create for the student a new understanding of the relationship between the facts of history and the outworking of the purposes of God in the world. Requirements for a Maior in History. Twenty-eight units in upper division history courses in addition to a general course in sociology and in anthropology is required for the major. 101, 102, WORLD HISTORY. (3-3) First semester: a survey of the history of the ancient Mediterranean world from the earliest records of man to the fall of Rome. Second semester: the development of civilization through the Middle Ages to the present, with reference to the r elation of general history to Hebrew and Church History. 203,204. SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY AND THE CONSTITUTION. (2, 2) A survey of American history from the Colonial period to the present. Attention given to the social, economic, religious, and political developments including the origin and development of our government on the federal , state, and local level. This course satisfies the state requirement for American History and Constitution. 205, 206. ENGLISH HISTORY. (2, 2) First semester: a survey of English History from its beginning through the Tudor reign. Second semester : from the beginning of the Stuart reign to the British Commonwealth of Nations. Special emphasis on English political, social, and cultural institutions and their influence upon the United States. 301. ANCIENT HISTORY. (3) A study of the ancient empires of the East and the Greek Penninsula to the defeat of the Greeks by the Romans. Special attention given to art, literature, and political institutions and their subsequent influence upon Western Civilization. 56

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