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2017 OFFICERS NEW JERSEY CHAPTER NO.1 president Daniel Cronheim, CPM Cronheim Mgmt. Services, Inc., AMO Vice President Jonathan Hoff, CPM Prism Property Services, LLC, AMO Secretary Melody Federico, CPM, ARM Newbridge Services Inc. Treasurer Mary Grill, CPM, ARM Homestead Mgmt. Services, LLC Delaware Valley Chapter No 3 President Richard K. Skoczylas, CPM Community Realty Management, AMO President-Elect James L. Helsel, Jr., CPM Helsel Incorporated Realtors Secretary/Treasurer Jennie Banco, CPM Capano Management 1st Vice President, Legislation Charlene Tucker, CPM Interland Real Estate Corp. Vice President, Membership Jeremy Devlin, CPM Scully Company Vice President, Programs Christine Murray, CPM Madison Apartment Group Vice President, Education James Brackenrig, CPM Candidate Rubenstein Partners Vice President, ARM Membership Tameata Jordan, CPM Candidate Presby’s Inspired Life Southern NJ Chapter No. 101 President Harry Bagot, CPM TrashPro 1st Vice President Maribeth Scheidig, CPM, ARM Interstate Realty Mgmt. Co., AMO Vice President Patricia Baldt, CPM Candidate Westgate Management Co., Inc. Vice President Diane Wersler, CPM Candidate Interstate Realty Mgmt. Co., AMO Vice President Mary French, CPM Candidate, ARM Ingerman Management Co. Vice President Michelle Storino, CPM Candidate Community Realty Mgmt. Co., AMO Secretary/Treasurer

EARNAN IREMACCREDITATION 2017 IREM Educational Offerings Sponsored By: N J Chapter DelVal Chapter SNJ Chapter No. 1 No. 3 No. 101

March 8 ARMTrack Ethics, Philadelphia, PA March 9-10 ARMTrack Part 1, Philadelphia, PA March 15-16 ARMTrack Part 2, Philadelphia, PA March 17 ARM Exam, Philadelphia, PA Sept 13 ARMTrack Ethics, Delanco, N.J. Sept 14-15 ARMTrack Part 1, Delanco, N.J. Sept 20-21 ARMTrack Part 2, Delanco, N.J.

Sept 22 ARM Exam, Delanco, N.J. Sept 20-21 FIN 402, LocationTBD

For more information on achieving an IREM designation or on becoming a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management please contact one of the three chapters listed below.

IREM New Jersey Chapter No. 1 Serving Central/Northern NJ (856) 303-0190 or visit www.irem1.org

DelawareValley Chapter No. 3 Serving Eastern PA. & DE (856) 786-9260 or visit www.irem3.org

IREM Southern New Jersey Chapter No. 101 Serving all Southern NJ (856) 829-8939 or visit www.irem101.org

Christine Lacy, CPM Inglis Housing Corp.

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