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Kicking Off Spring With a Truck Show

The Hare Truck Center had a great 2019. We brought a lot of momentum with us into 2020, and we’ve only picked up steam as we head into the spring. Looking back over the past several months, I’m stunned at just how much we’ve grown! It’s by leaps and bounds, and now, we’re leaping into spring. To kick off spring, we’ll be attending the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, March 3–6. This is the largest work truck show in the U.S. with over 530 exhibitors and attendees from all over the country and world. This year, the Work Truck Show celebrates its 20th anniversary, which makes it all the more special. There are many great speakers, presentations, and exhibitors lined up this year, and we’re excited to participate. Plus, we’re partnered with both Isuzu and Chevy at this year’s show, and we’ll be a part of their booths. Overall, it’s a great time. We get to talk about trucks, see what’s new in the industry, and take a close look at prototypes. While prototypes don’t always make it to market, it’s fun to see what companies are working on for the future. There’s always so much information packed into those few days. It can be hard to take it all in. The presentations can be a real learning experience — several companies get the chance to explain their initiatives and products. Presentations sometimes get in-depth and technical, and they can give a lot of insight into the products we work with every day.

As always, we’re more than happy to get our customers and partners free passes to the Work Truck Show. Depending on when this hits your mailbox, it might be too late, but it’s something to keep in mind for the future if you’re interested in attending the show. Back at the Truck Center, we recently welcomed a new addition to the team: Aaron McCoy! He joins us as a technician who brings a wealth of truck knowledge to our facility. We’re very glad to have him on board, especially going into the spring! As you may know, spring is a very busy time for us. A lot of truck-reliant businesses are getting revved up for the spring and summer. This includes just about everyone in the landscaping business. Yards need to be

mowed, trees need to be trimmed, and people want their homes looking their best. That means a lot of hauling equipment around. We’re glad to be in the middle of it all! We sell a lot of vehicles that make landscapers’ jobs so much easier, not to mention all the other businesses we partner with and serve. It brings us a lot of joy to be a part of the local and regional business community and to help other businesses meet their transportation and hauling needs. -John Pence Service Manager Here’s to another great spring!

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