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Dear Candidate, We are seeking a talented and forward thinking hospitality and property professional to manage a truly unique estate on an exclusive Island off the coast of Croatia. The property itself is currently a tourist attraction and venue for conferences, events and weddings. It can also be used as an exceptionally high quality boutique hotel. It is owned by an ultra-high net worth individual who also uses the property a handful of times per annum. We are currently mandated to source a new General Manager to run the Estate, manage the physical aspect of the property and assist in the commercialisation of this destination. The role requires the successful candidate to be able to juggle the various elements of managing a destination of this nature. The successful applicant will be exceptionally well remunerated and expected to reside on the Island for 6 months per year with more flexibility for the rest of the year. There is opportunity to take more responsibility in due course for the other properties in the owners’ portfolio in due course. This is a unique proposition for a highly astute and talented Hospitality professional to excel their career.

About Lopud

Famous for its golden beaches and refreshing lack of motor vehicles, Lopud is a small island off the coast of Dalmatia, the second largest of the Elaphiti Islands and nestled between the Kolocep and Sipan islands.

Lopud is economically the most developed of the Elaphiti Islands and can be reached by boat from Dubrovnik, Trsteno, Orasac and Zaton. Strikingly beautiful, the island is composed of stone houses surrounded by exotic gardens and overlooked by ruined fortresses.

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea, its total population is 42,615. It’s known for its distinctive Old Town, encircled with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century. Its well-preserved buildings range from baroque St. Blaise Church to Renaissance Sponza Palace and Gothic Rector’s Palace, now a history museum. Paved with limestone, the pedestrianized Stradun (or Placa) is lined with shops and restaurants.

Lopud 1483

Lopud’s Franciscan Monestary is a beautiful, 15th century complex, with a 30m-high bell tower rising high into the skyline of the island, set within 5000 sq. metres of fortress and gardens.

After 20 years of delicate restoration, the preserved monastery was opened to the public in 2018, to enjoy and experience. The monastery has been adapted to a contemporary space that can host art, symposia, retreats, and many other types of cultural events.

The Property - Lopud 1483

A 15th century monastery situated off the coast of Croatia. The island is famous for its sandy beaches, striking scenery and culturally rich heritage. The monastery will have dual functionality; to be used as a high-profile, destination conference venue and for the exhibition of renaissance art, a place where history, art and botanical exploration ignite the senses.

Finally, open to the public again after 20 years of sensitive restoration, the Franciscan Monastery Lopud 1483, has been adapted into a contemporary space which can host art, symposia, retreats and many other types of cultural events. While the ancient structure resonates with their own histories from the Renaissance to the 17th century, the complex offers a variety of locations and experiences that can be tailored to every taste.

The secluded atmosphere of the 5,000 square meters of the monastery, fortress, and garden provides a unique backdrop to enhance any variety of event formats, from the most intimate and private gatherings to high-profile functions, as well as seminars, film festivals, performances and concerts. Private seated dining in a Renaissance setting are no longer out of reach, the venue would lend itself to the most exquisite wedding arrangement in a truly unique environment full of peace, tranquillity and privacy.

OVERALL PURPOSE The individual will be tasked with managing the property and the coordination of all events and exhibitions that take place in the monastery. In addition to this they be responsible for proactively seeking ways in which to develop the commercial potential of the property in order to raise the property’s profile as a unique destination for both short visits (day ticket for access to public areas) as well as a venue for hosting unique events and seminars. JOB DESCRIPTION


Property Management – Technical – 20% • Understanding of the Estate Management processes and procedures required to effectively manage the physical aspects of a complex restoration development both from a development standpoint and business as usual. • Demonstrate an understanding of all Hard and Soft Facilities Management issues including but not limited to: o M&E o HVAC o Security o Cleaning & Front of House • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) – Demonstrate, set up and manage a (PPM) programme on a high-profile building/venue/estate. Be capable of communicating the necessary maintenance requirements in a pro-active and timely manner. • Ideally have some knowledge of managing either Historical Buildings, Culture and Heritage destinations.

Events & Hospitality – 25% • Act as the main point of contact for the venue, as an Ambassador for The Monastery. • Build relationships with local tour operators, travel agents etc. in order to increase the venues profile not only as a place of interest but have the creativity to see the other various uses. • Have experience of driving commercial revenue for a destination/venue and be able to clearly articulate how best to commercialise an events venue. • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the various routes to market, cost points and sensitivities around managing such a venue. • Act as guest host on site at the property and be comfortable managing high profile guests and dignitaries as well as members of the public. • Develop and manage a booking system which is easy to use by third parties.

Stakeholder Engagement – 15% • Build and development relationships on Lopud with the key stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of The Monastery. • Be comfortable managing a complex blend of stakeholders ranging from the highly influential Creative Director, managing agent, on-site staff and various third-party contractors and suppliers. • Be able to proactively manage upwards to ensure that all relevant information is communicated clearly and precisely. • Be comfortable communicating verbally but also possess outstanding written skills. • Be a natural influencer and comfortable managing an eclectic mix of individuals.

People Management & Leadership – 20% • A natural leader who is able to drive performance, through people working in a collaborative culture while showing genuine passion. • Be able to enforce strict working procedures where necessary and have difficult conversations if required in order to get the best possible results. • Ideally have direct experience of managing an onsite team of at least 10. • Lead by example at all times, considering all stakeholder requirements and the ultimate direction which The Monastery is moving. • Have a track record of multi-tasking and prioritising various tasks. Must be able to comfortably manage a variety of tasks, switching as each becomes more or less important. • Be a subject matter expert and the go to person not only within the venue but on the Island.

Cultural Understanding – Clients & Geography – 20%

• Ideally from a service background where dealing with high-profile, discreet guests on a regular basis. • Understand how to manage dignitaries and ensure that a level of service is achieved while appreciating the tone of an event or situation. • It is vitally important that the appointee is capable of appreciating the cultural nuances of both the geography and venue. The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate where similar service levels, approach and discipline has been required previously. • In addition to be an exceptionally high quality venue for hospitality and leisure, the Monastery will also have a strong leaning to the Arts. An appreciation and understanding of the specific requirements of housing precious artwork and artefacts would be hugely beneficial.


Adviser CreaƟve


Amala Est.

Management Team

TBA21 Lopud Project Manager

Senior Estate & Event Manager

Director: Zdenko Jereb

Office Manager: Antonija & Marina

Janitorial: Marin Maintenance /

MarkeƟng: Events & Elica Vujicic

Gardening: Srdjan Landscaping /

Housekeeping: Vesna

Repairs: Dario

Local Team

Gardener: Ad-hoc TBC

Support: Dominic


Ferry timetable Day

• Kuna Currency – 1 Croatian Kuna to 0.12 £Sterling • 249 Population • 60-minute ferry from Dubrovnik to Lopud - 25 minutes with a private speed boat • 30-minute taxi ride from Dubrovnik airport to the port • 4 flights from London to Dubrovnik a day • The monastery is located next to Lopud port. • Car fee • Golf buggy style taxis • Supermarket on the island • The ferry from Dubrovnik runs 4 times a day • 3 hotels on the island • 6-7 restaurants • Several villas on the island • Doctor and nurse located on Island • Nearest school is in Dubrovnik – 7-minute drive from the port • Nearest vet 8-minute drive from the port • Cash machines on the island • To reach the beach on the island is a 30-minute walk from the port, or you can hop on one of the many golf carts on the island. • Nearest nightlife is Dubrovnik

Ferry Departure

Ferry Arrival



09:00 10:00 13:30 16:30 20:00 10:00 13:30 16:30 20:00 09:00 10:00 13:30 16:30 20:00 10:00 13:30 16:30 20:00 09:00 10:00 13:30 16:30 20:00 10:00 13:30 16:30 20:00 09:00 11:45 18:15 20:45

10:00 10:55 14:25 17:25 20:50 10:55 14:25 17:25 20:50 10:00 10:55 14:25 17:25 20:50 10:55 14:25 17:25 20:50 10:00 10:55 14:25 17:25 20:50 10:55 14:25 17:25 20:50 09:55 12:40 19:10 21:40

1 hr

55 min 55 min 55 min 50 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 50 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 50 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 50 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 50 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 50 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 55 min 1 hr 1 hr








Initial video interviews will be happening WC 23rd March 2020 and will continue for several weeks. The closing date for applications will take place WC xxx For all enquiries please contact Matthew Evans at MRG. Please send your CV and a covering letter to: matthew.evans@mrgpeople.co.uk

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