2020 New Variety Catalog

Bidens Bidy Boom Red ȠǼȠȓ ` ȚǼǾȎȀ

BaGopa BaLia Blue and ȠǼȠȓ ` ȚǼȀȠȞ • An improved variety from our previous Bahia Blue Sand with a more intense Flue Golor and a larger flower size • Bahia Sand varieties are more GompaGt in nature maOing tLem ideal components to combination planters and baskets

• A strong improved variety with a Juller LaFit immense flower power and a strong Glear red flower Golor • Outstanding pick for combination planters in both spring and autumn

Calibrachoa Aloha Kona 4range >est ` ȀȞȎǶȠ

Calibrachoa Aloha Nani &ppleFlossom ` ȀȞȎȚȓ

• Naturally compact and early flowering maOes tLe Nani lineup a perfect pick for small containers and high-density production • Aloha Nani Appleblossom has a FeautiJul sLimmering pinO flower color with a deep raspberry eye for dramatic contrast

• Aloha Kona varieties are the perfect size and habit for universal application • The well-branched mounded / semi- trailing habits make them ideally suited for containers and hanging baskets with easy shipability • Aloha Kona Orange Zest brings a vivid orange color to the lineup

Calibrachoa Hula Gold Medal ` ȀȞȀǶȎ • The top selected calibrachoa in our breeder trials last summer for the unstoppaFle flower power and Fold bicolor blooms that cannot be missed • BrigLt golden yellow Golor witL a riGL contrasting orange eye • Outstanding selection for mono-culture baskets or in combination planters

Calibrachoa Aloha Hot Orange ` ȀȞȎțȞ • &loLa Zarieties offer strong Zigor and UuiGOly fill out large FasOets or mingle well in combination containerscannot be missed • -ot 4range offers a new ZiZid Golor tLis popular lineup


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