2020 New Variety Catalog

)aLlia -ypnotiGa 1imonGello ` ȚȞǾȎȠ • -ands down tLe most ZiFrant FiGolor dahlia on the market today • This was a top pick in all of our trials throughout the last year with the vivid “highlighter yellow” on pure white bicolor blooms • Hypnotica varieties are outstanding in combination containers and in the garden )aLlia 2egaBoom Berry Blast ` ȚȞǾțȎ • TLis is tLe first launGL to a new series oJ dahlias from Dümmen Orange • MegaBoom varieties are characterized Fy tLeir Luge flowers similar to our Festselling <<1 lineup Fut on sLorter pedunGles wLere tLe flowers are Leld Nust above the foliage • Ideal plant structure for combination containers or high-density shipping to retail • Berry Blast has a unique explosion of color with magenta on white

Chamaesyce Star Dust ;Lite parOle ȠǼȠȓ ` ȓǾȓțȠ • Improved performance and crystal wLite Golor on tLis douFle flowering euphorbia • *\Gellent filler Jor warm season combinations and as a blanket of white for the summer landscape Cuphea Blackberry Sparkler ` ȚȓǼȞȎ • A Dümmen Orange exclusive from PlantHaven International • &n e\tremely floriJerous GupLea witL unique coloring of blackberry tips on wLite tuFular flowers • )arO glossy green Joliage stands out on the retail bench • Outstanding pollinator plant Cuphea Hummingbird’s Lunch ` ȚȓǼȞǶ • A Dümmen Orange exclusive from PlantHaven International • &s tLe name suggests tLis plant will give gardeners a hummingbird highway in their yards • The pollinators cannot resist the proJusion oJ sGarlet tuFular flowers loaded with nectar

)aLlia <<1 CanGÁn ` ȚȞǾȚȞ

• One of the most stunning additions to the XXL lineup with a stately plant structure that XXL varieties are known for • The color is a superior clean red with a perJeGt flower struGture • &ll season flowering maOes tLis an outstanding choice for large landscape plantings


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