2020 New Variety Catalog

+uGLsia &r°tes 9prigLt 1atina ` țȠȀȞȀ

1ysimaGLia unFurst ` ȚțȀǼȎ

• This new lysimachia from PlantHaven is sure to be a staple throughout hanging basket combinations • *\tremely Jast to growwitL large suGGulent leaZes maOes a dramatic cascading addition • &s a Fonus tLe plant will Furst aliZe witL sunny yellow flowers in mid to late summer

• Arêtes Upright varieties are well suited to high-density produGtion witL early flowering on naturally GompaGt and extremely well-branched plants • Excellent additions to combination containers for early season sales • Arêtes Upright Latina is a striking cranberry and soft pink FiGolor flower


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