2020 New Variety Catalog

Petunia PinOerFell ` ȀȓȚȞȓ • Pinkerbell was a top pick by growers in our weeO ȞǾ Freeder trials • The blooms are very unique with the two-toned color pattern and will certainly catch consumer attention at retail • The semi-double nature of the blooms makes them more resistant to botrytis than traditional fully douFle Zarieties maOing tLem more weather tolerant for the gardener Petunia Potunia Cotton Candy ` ȀȓȚȠȠ • Potunia varieties have become a grower-favorite for their tight bubble LaFit proZiding a mass oJ Golor in a densely branched plant • Potunia Cotton Candy is a very durable and weather tolerant plant witL a pure pastel pinO Golor not previously available in the series

Petunia Potunia )arO Red ȠǼȠȓ ` ȀǼțǼȓ • Potunia varieties have become a grower- JaZorite Jor tLeir tigLt FuFFle LaFit providing a mass of color in a densely branched plant • Potunia )arO Red ȠǼȠȓ is a strong improZement to tLe lineup witL a darOer more true red color and a stronger habit with better weather tolerance

Petunia Surprise Pink Orchid ` ȀȓțȞǾ • Surprise petunias have been a top- choice line for hanging baskets and large Gontainers due to tLeir strong and vigorous plant habits • Surprise Pink Orchid has a beautiful orchid pink bloom with strong veining Jor a great longdistanGe effeGt


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