2020 New Variety Catalog

Flame Pro Light Blue | ǶǼȓȚȓ

Flame Pro Baby Doll | ǶǼȀȞǶ

Flame Pro White | ǶǼȎȞȎ

PLlo\ *arly 2agenta ` ǶȓǼȎǶ

• PLlo\ *arly Zarieties are an interspeGifiG Gross tLat are tLe first uprigLt type to Gome into flower in tLe season • )ense Glusters oJ flowers resemFle larger paniGulate types Fut witL a proJusion oJ smaller florets Jor great color displays

Phlox Flame Pro

• PLlo\ +lame Pro Zarieties are dense GompaGt paniculate types with outstanding uniformity in timing and size for easy retailability


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