2020 New Variety Catalog

I’Conia Bacio Series BaGio means Ʋ1ittle 0issƳ and tLese were named because they are a cute miniature version of the best-selling Portofinos 1iOe tLe Portofino tLey LaZe really decadent foliage color and are tolerant of full sun or full shade in most Glimates In dry or oZerly Lot areas tLey’ll definitely need some sLade TLey LaZe FrigLtly Golored flowers tLat will really pop against tLe darO leaZes and tLe flowers are smaller Fut more plentiJul tLan most Fegonias giZing a Jull flusL oJ Golor all summer long Being naturally smaller plants tLey’re tLe perfect pick for quart containers or even baskets where you don’t want the plants to getoverly large in the season.

I’Conia Bacio Orange | ǾǼȚ 6 Ȟ

I’Conia Bacio Peach | ǾǼȚ 68

I’Conia Bacio Salmon | ǾǼȚǾ 6

I’Conia Bacio White | ǾǼȚǾȠ


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