The Elms Yearbook

Published by the Students of Buffalo State College

May 2007

.. Buffalo • New York

Elms Yearbook 2007 Volume 96

Editor in Chief: Janice 11 Truly Blessed 11 Andrews

Managing Editor: Yow ~~westside" Adorn

Secretory: Kristine uFoith" Anderson

Advisor/Designer: David Meinzer, USG Press Services Director

Photographers: David Meinzer, Janice Andrews, Yow Adorn, Kristine Anderson, Racine Stewart, Caroline Edwards, Omar Guiner. Some organization photos and student portraits were supplied by students. Most portrait photos by Janice Andrews and David Meinzer. Sports team photos by Colorgraphic.


Writers: Yaw Adorn, David Meinzer, Janice Andrews, Kristine Anderson, Brittney Stokes, Rochelle Rosier, Carmelo Osorio, Jeff Ventura.

4 ALook Around Campus 6 ALetter from the College President 7 AMessage from the Student Government 9 Introduction - The Colors ofTradition and Identity 10 The Bengal Mascot 15 Campus Events and Activities 39 Organizations, Groups, and Departments 51 Student Portraits 61 Intercollegiate Athletics 70 Memoriam and Yearbook Staff 72 Future File

Special Thanks The Record, latasha lucas, Malcom Hicks, USG, Residence life, President's Staff, Jeff Ventura, Brittney Stokes, David Blatt, Michael Niman, Mark Norris, Kathryn Ammirato, Tom Koller, Armeto Bernard A.A.S., Kathleen Hayworth, Tashara White, Information Desk, Students that came out to get their picture taken and all the organizations that submitted pictures.

Buffalo State College State University of New YorkCollege at Buffalo 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

350 copies printed by Century Printing, Williamsville, NY; April2007. Published by the United Students Government Service Group, Inc. with funds from the mandatory student activity fee. © 2007 United Students Government Service Group, Inc.


All rights reserved. Some of the contents of this book remain the property of the individuals or organizations who provided it. The remainder is copyrighted by the United Students Government and any reprinting or public use is prohibited without the written permission of the USGSG, Inc.

ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007





" \

ELMS 2007



ELMS 2007

ALetter from the President of Buffalo State

AMessage from the Student Government Activities, Service and Representation H omecoming, Union Bash, concerts, shows, speakers, plays, dances, game nights, discussions, barbecue and other free food events, volunteer opportunities, and activities promoting awareness on different health and social issues - these are all things that the United Students Government has sponsored or cosponsored over the past school year. Add the student newspaper, the Dental Clinic, the Union Game Room, the Fitness Center, Press Services, and the 612-acreWhispering Pines Camp (in Franklinville, NY), and you'll see that USG is tightly woven into the fabric of Buffalo State College. USG is a group of students. We are here to represent the student

ABook of Memories

Dear Graduate:

You hold in your hands a book of memories. Recorded here are the events and interests of a specific place and time, Buffalo State College during the 2006-07 academic year. Buffalo State is a community of dedicated individuals that has sought and will continue to seek a positive transformation in the lives of our students through higher education. As a member of the class of 2007, it is a pleasure to wish you well in embarking on a future filled with promise and reward. Although you may not realize it yet, your Elms Yearbook will be a keepsake of treasured recollections for many years to come. I am sure that you have noted the rapid passage of time. You probably can recall your very first day as a student on campus. It may seem like yesterday, but you have grown a great deal as an individual through your experiences at Buffalo State. Corita Kent once said, "Life is a succession of moments; to live each one is to succeed:' Your lifelong journey of moments - made richer by your Buffalo State education - has just begun. Enjoy this journey, and take pride in your accomplishments of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

body as awhole. We look out for and protect their interests and benefits. USG and its organizations provide fun, interesting, informative, and educational programs and activities for the students of Buffalo State as well as organizing and leadership experience for students who plan and run the activities and who work with the college administration in charting the course of the institution. USG has 64 recognized clubs and organizations, 57 of them currently provided with annual budgets distributed from mandatory student activity fee funds. The clubs and organizations each serve different interests. Many clubs correspond with different academic majors. There are also many clubs and organizations that pertain to different social and cultural interests. The variety of clubs and organizations makes it easier for students to get involved with a group that focuses on their personal interests. The United Students Government also addresses different issues that affect the students of Buffalo State. This school year we have been working on changing and improving the food service on campus. In the months following the publication of this yearbook, renovations will begin on the Student Union food servi~e facilities. Also, the fourth floor offices and the Fireside Lounge on the third floor of the Union will undergo renovations this summer.Along with the renovations and food service changes this year, USG implemented a Readership Program, providing copies of USA Today and the New York Times newspapers free for students to pick up in the Union or the library. We also offered a library printing cost initiative, which lowered the library printing costs from $.08 to $.02 a page. USG is proud to have been a part of student life at Buffalo State College for more than 35 years, and we look forward to the changes ahead.

President Muriel Howard

USG AVP Kathryn Ammiroto ond Rules Choir MoHhew McKoy working bingo otthe December 2006 Union Bosh - just one of the many events sponsored or supported by the student government.

KathrynAmmirato "' Administrative Vice Presidentfor'Community Relations United Students Government

·Muriel A. Howard, Ph.D. President

The Colors ·of Tradition and Identity To some people, the colors orange and black can seem a bit bold, but that's not the feeling held by students at Buffalo State College. Students relate these colors to qualities of focus and determination. Staying focused while at college can be challenging. However, with determina– tion, you can make it. If you stroll around campus, you will f1nd that many students showtheir school spirit by wearing those two striking colors. Some Buffalo State students show their support by wearing sweaters with the colors or using _ their own fashion ideas to create an orange and black outt1t. Students purchase items that have those colors - everything from sweatshirts to _ refrigerator..magnets - from the college bookstore. Not too long ago, a store in the Walden Galleria Mall stocked an orange and black leather jacket with a bengal tiger displayed on the back: the item was quickly scooped up by Buffalo State students. After graduation, you may be anywhere in the world, at any age, and remember Buffalo State when the colors orange and black are present. Here's something else you'll remember: a familiar chant. "When I say (Orange' you say (Black' . ..Orange! Black! Orange, Black! When I say (Buffalo' you say'State' .. .Buffalo! State! Buffalo! State!BuffaloState! Let's hear it for the Bengalsl"

So .. . what do the colors orange and black mean to you?

- janice Andrews, Editor



B.C.O.C (Big Cat On Campus) The Bengal Tiger mascot seldom shows its face except at sports events but one afternoon in February the Cat With No Name took a stroll across the snowy campus. An Elms photographer was on hand to catch the action. Underground Cafe; checking out at the bookstore (where does he carry his wal– let?); gettinghelp and then using a com– puter in the library; buying pizza in the · Cookery; and lounging in the Union. lobby (middle picture).

The opposite page shows our friend posing by the "Cocka-Doodle-Do" sculpture and greeting some of the stu– dents he met during his walk.

Above the Bengal hangs out on the steps of Rockwell Hall. Counter-clock– wise from left: a visit to the Union Ticket Office; schmoozing in the


ELMS 2007


ELMS 2007



ElMS 2007


The Butler Ice Fountain Is Removed to Storage

Campus Fixture Dismantled

In early December workers showed up in the Union Quad to disassemble the Butler Ice Fountain - a sculpture that stood in front of the E. H. Butler Library for over 20 years. The work will be kept in storage while the Quad undergoes a redesign and reconstruc– tion scheduled to take several years. The sculpture, created by Nor– wegian artist Carl Nesjar, was designed to be a warm-weather water fountain and an ever-changing ice sculpture in cold weather. It was a gift to the the college from the Butler Foundation and Kate ButlerWickham, a former chair of the College Council.

The library is named after Ms. Wickham's grandfa– ther, Edward H. Butler, the publishing mogul who founded the Buffalo News. Virtually every edition of the Elms Yearbook from 1984 on has featured pictures of students pass– ing the fountain between classes or lounging near it. On occasions the

,March 2004 , backdrop for graduating students and their families while attending the annual post-Commencement recep– tion in the Quad.

reflecting pool surrounding the foun– tain was even used for some illicit wading and even canoeing. The sculp– ture has also been a favorite photo



ELMS 2007 ~

FALL 2006

Orientation director Eileen Merberg and Kristen (atalano (below) show school spirit with their enthusiastic smiles in the middle of the pep roily. The funniest scene of the pep rally was when they started throwing out the !-shirts. It con get crazy with all the students reaching to grab a shirt, so this part is left until the very end. This is truly one of the campus events that that gels students together.

•.; ..• - ,, ~\ '~ . . ·~ . ;"'· . .;

. ~ ~~~ ' •. · .

., .;

.. .,} , ,. · . ..uw .. . ''f.· •.·· . . '').\ .~ ... ,... . \, "!!" t . . . . . ·..

Homecoming 2006

One of the most favorable events to most students is Homecoming. Who could say no to the free lunch and free shirts given out by USG? The pep rally was held in the Union and the students had a blast. The above picture shows a small portion of the hundreds of student that filled the Union the Thursday before Homecoming. The basketball team smiles for the camera with head coach Fajri An.sari as they enjoy their free barbecued chicken. The Union was so crowded that some students sat on the floor, the stairs, or stood in corners to enjoy the free lunch. The pep rally marked the start of HomecomingWeekend.



On the bottom right, CSO e·boord members present their banner- winner of Best Use of Theme. A fewof the other winners in the bonner competition were: Alpha Sigma T~u {Best Greek Organization), Best Rudd1es !Best Student Organization), and PASO (Best Overall) Inthecart competition, AASO took hono~s for Best Student Organization and Zeta Beta Tau won both Best Greekand ~est Overall. The above picture shows S1ster Charlene, Anastasio Stork, Jessica lew.is_ ~nd Jessica Washington enioying the lesllvllles. At right USG students and staff dish out the ~ver popular chicken barbecue lunch.

Rally Competition

Another exciting section ofthe pep rally · is the "lip sync contest:' The African American Students Organization won first place with "You're the ·One That I Want" from the hit movie Grease. The guys from the basketball team showed the talent of entertainment with one of

the famous dances of the season. In the pictures here the men's basketball team and a few of the ladies from the basket– ball team smile for the camera, AEL shows the audience their talent and col– lege staff enjoys getting the picture taken by a yearbook photographer.


ElMS 2007 -


ELMS 2007

Homecoming King & Queen · Pageant

The day of Homecoming, the brunch that is always held at the president's house for parents and students was held in the Student Union due to rain. Our annual parade was also cancelled because of the rain. However, rain or shine, the game had to take place. The King and Queen were both able to get their picture taken with Dr. Howard, president of the college. The dining service staffwhipped up pancakes and eggs for each person that came over. Meanwhile, student ambassador Chris– tina Bailey stole a picture with fellow classmate, the Homecoming Queen. In the Homecoming football game, The Bengals brought home a win against Western Connecticut State,24-21. Go Bengals!


The King and Queen pageant this year was very interesting. The contestant finalists were Joan Bova, Jeremy Rose, and Bruce Wallace for King and for Queen we had Kristan Lettiere, Katie Lyons, Kristine Anderson, and Bonnie Simmons. Most of the talent demon– strations included a dance piece - all from different cultures. It went from Irish to Spanish. One student said her favorite part of the competition was when the contestants had to create a chant for the game. Some of the chants were funny and a few of them got the audience's participation. All the contes– tants were great but the judges decided that Bruce Wallace and Kristine Anderson would be our Homecoming King and Queen for 2006. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a contestant? Well the Queen was honored to inform you. "For . as long as I shall live, I will never forget that day. My palms were sweaty and I glanced down the line and saw all the contestants around me with fierce con– fidence. Something told me to run but I decided to stay. When the curtains opened, I felt love. I heard my name being echoed in the crowd. I saw my Porter residents, my friends and my : sorority sisters. The fear I had left because it was time for me to make "them" proud. When I heard my name as the Homecoming Queen of 2006- 2007 my heart skipped and sang for joy.

All of my insecurities that I held for years were gone . .. I had become victo– rious"- Kristine Anderson.

ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007



AASO's Fashion Show

, "' 0 s .. CY <... "' ~· )> :J 0.



iil ~

Bla(k Velvet Airways There are many events that take place on cam– pus that givestudents the chance to enhance the quality of student J.ife One of those events is coordinated by the African Alllerican Students Organization (AASO). Fashion Design senior and al$o campus and community chair Latasha Lucas coordiriated the event titled"BlaCkVelvet Airways)' with the help of the executive board and her committee members. Fonner 106th & Park host "Free" hosted the Show. Going with the theme, each scene took the crowd to a dif– ferent country.Most ofthe outfitsweredesigned by students from the Fashion Design depart– ment. Whether youve been modeling for years or you just started, AASO gave you a chance to shine. Each person in these photos represents the unity within Buff State and it will continue for years to come.

ANight at the Apollo Apollo Night is another event organized off his talent by serenadinga member of by AASO and it is designed to show who the crowd. Step aside Trey Songz, senior has talent at Buff State. Above, basket- Brandon Avery won the ladies when he ball player Pee Wee tells the ladies that gave us the hit song "I don't wanna he's just"laid back:' The executive board leave:' Q. Starks and friends wait anx– sits in the front row listening to the sec- iously for their turn to take the stage ond act as vice treasurer Asia Kinsey and show BuffState what they are made turns and give the camera a wink. The of. Tashara White sings "Eyes on the ladies of thegroup"Seduction" gave us a Sparrow:' There were many perfor– little of R&B singer Ciaris "Promise" mances and Step Expression won first dance routine. Daunte Pickney shows place with Brandon the runner-up.

ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007



FALL 2006 The Inferno 11 0ne Stef One Sound., Danielle Gadson and Shavonne Dixon founded Step Expression in 2002. Their debut performance took place at a fall · culture show organized by CSO. Since then, they have performed during Bengal Pause, at on- and off-campus events, and the Homecoming King and Queen Pageant. At the end of the 2004 - 2005 academic year, Step Expression had proven to the campus and sur– rounding colleges and universities that they were the official step team of Buffalo State. During that year they won their first step competition. Step Expression continued to win competi– tions and that inspired them to have a step competition of their own which started in spring of 2005. The fall step competition of 2006 was a success and was said to be one of the most memo– rable events of the fall semester. At the fall competition, judges anxiously wait– ed for the competition to start. It started with the· executive board performing then it moved to the ladies. The ladies did a fabulous job and it was time for the guys. They started with something simple. One female member joined the · guys and did a small piece. The guys in . return, did the same piece followed by the entire team joining in. Hands and feet all make abet. You had to have been there to get the fun experience. To close it off, the guys were blindfolded and the final piece drove the crowd wild. If you were ever at an event and there was a call for Step Expression, you would hear them say"one foot, one sound:'




APiece of History: \ 11 0ctober Surprise" Before the trees could shed their leaves Winter showed up early with heavy snow By Rachelle Rosier E very winter, like clockwork snow comes to Buffalo.While it is common for us to have snow, we still get excited about it every time as if it were the first time. This year the snow came early. It was a cold and sunny Thursday after– noon in October and around noon everything changed. It came down hard for a minute and then stopped; a little weird but still not surprising for Buffalo. About an hour later, it began to fall again and this time it was sticking to the ground like it was here to stay. The snow was not only coming down hard but it was coming down with rain, which made it heavier than normal and had people raising eyebrows across Buffalo and the surrounding area. Buffalo State classes and campus activities continued to go on as usual. This sudden change in weather was in no way a threat to us, or so we thought. As night began to fall, the unusual slush was still coming down. Our Direct TV connection was going bad and later completely went out. Soon after, our internet connection followed.With no outside coverage ofwhat was going on, we remained oblivious to what was actually happening. Word spread quickly through campus as trees and power lines went down. And for the first time ever in my Buffalo State history the campus was ordered to shut down. Travel bans in and out the Buffalo areas were in effect. Students were stuck on campus and others were trapped off. On Friday, in another first for my time here at Buff State, classes were cancelled. More than 350,000 homes and businesses had no electricity or heat. Walking through campus was more shocking as we examined how the snow had pulled down tree limbs and even ripped some trees up by their roots. The college was short staffed for shoveling so stu– dents started to help the maintenance staff with the snow. I actually shoveled for two hours and got paid $16 for doing so. Buffalo's snowiest October day on record claimed three lives, two in traffic accidents and one person killed by a falling tree limb while shoveling snow. And though the storm lasted a day it caused months worth of damage and years for some. Days later and after nearly two feet of snow buried Western New

The heavy October snow pulled branches off trees and in some cases uprooted whole trees. During the long weekend students were able to take advantage of the self-contained atmosphere on campus for life almost– as-usual. Within days the snow hod oil melted ond cleanup was underway under sunny skies.

York, travel bans were lifted, the airport was opened and stores reopened. The storm happened on the 12th and classes resumed the 16th but this was only for Buff State students. The day continued as if it were just another snow day. Trees that gave the campus character were now destroyed. The storm of 2006 has change Buffalo State for years to come. Now each student that was present can say they were a part of history.

ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007



FALL 2006 The Caribbean Students' Culture Show

FALL 2006 The Fight Against AIDS


Whether o~ not your nationality is somewhere m the Caribbean, the annu– al ~all culture show organized by the Canbbean Students Organization is the p~ace to be. The theme was "Up to de Ttme: the Invasion of Culture:' There were many different exciting scenes, but the one shown here is the scene titled "S /M " oca as. Each person is wearing a costume.that you would most likely see at a Canbbean carnival and waving a flag from a Caribbean country.

December 1 is a day set aside annually to promote ·. HIV and AIDS awareness. During the week leading up to the 2006 World AIDS Day the United Students Government, Pride Alliance, and the Chemistry/Forensics Club held events in the Student Union Lobby. USG marked World AIDS Day by giving out informa– tion on HIV and AIDS and in a program called "These Hands Make a Difference" having participants paint their hand– prints on the window of the Student Union to acknowledge the significance of this day.

ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007



Ebony Hearts Dance

Annual Student Art Sale

of it produced as part of their class work for the past year. Prices range from a few dollars for a small clay plate from an introductory potting class to hundreds of dollars for a chair made during an upper level woodworking class. Many Buffalo State folks - students and staff- have come to look forward to the sale to do a bit of holiday shopping. After all, what could be abetter gift than a piece of unique hand-made art?

Every December, as the fall semester is winding down, the Design, Fine Arts, Art Education, and Interior Design departments sponsor a sale of student art and crafts in the Upton Gallery. The event, now in its tenth year, has been more successful each time. Students are able to offer for sale paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, jewelry, ceramics and pottery, pho– tographs, prints, and other work much

In honor of Black History month, the presidents of B.A.M., PA.S.O., C.S.O. and R.H.A. all came together and decid– ed to formulate a dance for Valentine's Day in 2006. The tradition carried over to the following February by a different group of people. To get the party going DJ Mr. A.K.A through on the electric slide and everyone got on the dance floor. The Deltas and the Alphas stopped by and did their stroll for the crowd. The night was filled with laugh– ter and fun. It was a night to remember.

ELMS 2007


ELMS 2007


Love Amongst Future Economists


U Down with E.O.P.?

What does E.O.P. mean to you? I know what it means to me It means a chance, an opportunity to make something of myself, to be somebody in the world not just another statistic It gives me a shot at establishing a career and making room for myself in Corporate America We're not in this program because we're poor We're here because E.O.P. believes in us They have faith in us They feel we are the future leaders of this country and it's up to us to justify their belief Making it to college is one thing, but making it through college will be the ultimate Victory It's up to us to show E.O.P. that they're not wasting their money No longer do I have to sit and wonder what I'm going to do after high school, I'm Already doing it. .. thanks to E.O.P. We have to show them that we are the real deal, and we are serious about our Futures. I know where I come from many of my peers don't make it through high school But not only did I make it, I've surpassed that level and I'm now in the next phase of my education It's been a struggle to get where I'm at, but I've made it And with the help of E.O.P. I can continue to make it So I ask you this,where would u be without E.O.P.? Uwouldn't be here at Buff State I know that much And I wanria ask u one last question, Udown with E.O.P.? I think I am Udown with E.O.P.? I think... no, no, no I KNOW I'm down with E.O.P.!

Money In ABag The Dead Economists Club trip to the Federal Reserve Branch of Buffalo was one of the many activities during the fall semester of 2006. The excursion to the Federal Reserve Branch of Buffalo was a very good experience for all of the Econ Club members. They received shredded money in a bag, material which is used to create new bills. The Dead Economists Club is a diverse group, consisting not only of seniors and underclassmen but also students from different countries. Their socializing includes bowling and ice-skating, but more importantly they invite top executives from different companies to lecture and give advice.

Carmelo Osorio (BOP Student class '07, summer program '03)


ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007



FALL 2006 Ice Cream and Cotton Candy


It pays to pay-.attention when passing through the Campbell Student Union!· On any given day there may be one of any number of free activities to take advantage of.Acouple of examples: the IceCream Social paired with free cotton candy (this page) and the Relaxation Day activities (opposite page). Student Union Board sponsored the free ice cream in late September with USG adding the cotton candy for those with a super sweet tooth.

R I • D

ea X a II 0 n a y

The student government sponsors a"Relaxation Day" on the study day at the end of each semester with various activities designed to help students relieve the stress of preparing for finals. In December the features of the event included a large inflatable Twister Game (top picture), a raffle (bottom left) and a sumo wrestling outfits (bottom right). Music, food, and various giveaways were also available to students who passed through the Union lobby that afternoon.

ELMS 2007



live On-the-A. at WBNY "

" \

. Candy Snowman Contest

Buffalo State's student-run radio station, WBNY 91.3fm, has always featured local musicians among their broadcast choices. For several years the "Glorified Rehearsal" has also featured bands live in the studio - and on the air - as part of the weekly Local Show. On February 21,2007, Bonus Plus visited the sta– tions iconic Checkerboard Lounge for a spirit- ed set. The band included a guitarist/singer, a drummer, and an oddly costumed sideman.

During the first two weeks of the spring semester, Student Life hosted a slew of even~s termed Winter Welcome. With or ~lthout snow, teams were formed to build a snowman using marshmallows toothpicks, straws and whatever the; could muster up. The 1st annual Snow~an Building contest winner was the ~~Ian Students Organization with a traditional Asian inspired Snowman.

Top picture - The Judges: Charlie Young, Michelle Curtis, ~alhy Mills, and Sister Charlene Fontana. Mtd~l~ left- Asian Students Organization: Kmxm. Raio,.Eileen Chen, and Cindy You.

Middle nght- USG: Racine Stewart K~istine Anderson, Kathryn Ammirato~

Bottom ptd~re- The Awesome: (not in order) Adam Kreutmger, Mari~ Droz, Becky Juszczyk, Cass1e Ruszaj, SallyFeskens.


ELMS 2007


ELMS 2007


ELMS 2007




Casting Hall Productions

The Record Newspaper


Seated: Matt Levy, Chris Stampone, Garrell Johnson,Matt Liptak

Front: Nick Casey, Jenny Kennedy, Julian Perez.

Standing: Caitlin Murray, Paul Brunskole, Nicole Kujewski (Editor in Chief), Jenney Maynulet, Robin Carman

Middle: Jennifer Toy, Ian Cap, Sean O'Connell, Mare Westerling, Dan Morris, Bethany Sparacio, James Steiner

Top: Chrissy Golab, Liz Penepent

United Students Government

Seated front: Michael St. Rose, 'freasurer; Matthew Levin-Stankevich, President; Allie Brady,Vice President Other executives: ChristopherJanik,KathrynAmmirato, Cristeen Dapaab, DoniqueMears,MatthewMcKay Senators: KristineAnderson,TrudyAntwi,Tanisa Bancroft,Lesley Boateng,Takeyla Dingle,Keisha Dobney, Frank Greco, Kafilat Hassan,Jamie Jueckstock,James Manzione, Jasmine Otero,Filipe Perez, Leslie Perreault, Katie Rivers, Tawanda Strachan, Racine Stewart, Melissa Stoll,Jamison Stone,VinceWasneechak Students at Large: David Blatt,Peter Hirsch, Rina Nowel, Kerrianne Shea,Kelley Thompson,Tashara White Pan African Students Organization Executive Board: Nicole Williams, Clifford K. Owusu, Huewayne Watson, Abena Achampong,Cordero King, Janelle Anhwere, Ellen Ampofo, Betty Ofori,Nathalie Uwera, Omosede Uzamere Members: Truth Amedzekor, Esther Ariyibi, Veronica Asibey, Ahmed Attoh, Peter Blain, Joseph Boahen, Leslie Boateng,Anna Bruce-Vanderpuje, Jodi Henry, Nancy Koduah, Charles Nuako, Kofi Nyantakyi, Derrick Ofori, Jewels Ojo-Oladeji, NaijaOlayinka, Sanfred Opuni, Anthony Peter, Patience Roberts,Samuel "Buggie" Adusie, Kojo Rich, Yaw Adorn, Mavis Yeboah, Ibrahim Traiore, Linda Anyachebelu, Raymond Kwakyeh, Adama Coulibaly, Mariam Traiore

Criminal Justice Club

Seated: Tom Santacapita, Jason A.Marshall, Gregory Imbrosu.

Standing: Latrice Johnson, Cynthia Jocelyn, Nicole Welsh


ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007




National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

Student Social Work Organization

;l! g 0 !l 0 .. s. a. ;;:: "' 5' ~


Front: Cindy Hilard, Julissa Taveras, Vennessa Thompson

Sarah K. Fritz, Robert P. Lewis Jr., Anna Sisson, Alicia Bauerenfeind

Back: Christina Cosme, Dylan Collopy, Andrea Coller, Harmela Sahu, Sandra Guzman


AfricanAmerican Students Organization Derrick Jackson, Danielle Smith, Jaslyn Hamilton, TchenVilsaint, Asia Kinsey, JamellYarborough, Yvette Myhand, Latoya McRae,Antonettisha Baker, Latasha Lucas, Christopher Beauvil

Front: Ben Kugel

Standing: Jen Snyder, Greg Goodson, Andrea Papaj, Kevin Slattery, Eric Curley, Dave Vogan, Chris Gullo, Ryan Dorr, Evan Angelo

l l I t 1 ~

Asian Students Organization


"U ~ ~ !l

Q; !:! ... ::;: '0 > "' Cl >- .0 0 15 .c 0..

0 " s. a. ;:: !!?. ::> ~

Seated: Hodari Vasseli,Jamie Flor, Justin Swain

Front: Kevin Pihee

Standing: Jordan Imiola, Dave Wolford, Kristen Torcelio

Standing: Yujing Su, CindyYau, Eileen Chen, Kaixin Rao, Sylvia Ma, Lilly Chen

I I t l


ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007





Sigma Lambda Upsilon Melitza Rodriguez, Bernarda Arias, Geraldine Lee, Neida Rodriguez, Jennifer Louie, Luseete Lorenzi

Students Praising in Rhythm and in Truth


Front: Courtney LoveMiller,

Second row: Lamar Timmons-Long, Rashana Bay, ShcreceWildman, Noni White, Antoinette Brown, Jasmine Otero, Rasheeda Phillips Back Row: Afua Moore, Alana Blake, Erica Murphy, Josh Hutchen, Mel'isha Joseph, Bonnie Mann, jessica Lewis, )amarr Gearlds, William Phillips, GregWebster, Sanfred Opuni

Alpha Phi Alpha DavidBlatt, Souleymane Dial

Delta Sigma Theta Lakisha Fulmore, Patience Roberts, LindaAnyachebelu, Lauren Brown, Moni Sobamowu

Lambda Theta Alpha

Lambda Upsilon Lambda

Crystal Rodriguez, Rebbecca Acevedo, Yadira Austin, Dancarlys Valdez, Arlene Fernandez, Ebony Rubio

Front: Alexis Ramirez, Joseph Ramos

Standing: Gregory Perez, Harrington Gomez, Luis Peralta, Egaudy Gomez


ELMS 2007


ELMS 2007



Iota Phi Theta

"'0 ,. ~ rr "' of :( )> a. 0 3

Geography and Planning Department Vida Vanchan,William Wieczorek, Jan Mazurek, Wende Mix, Kim Irvine, Stephen Vermette, Kelly Frothingham, VeryanVermette, Tao Tang

E 0 "0 "' ~ ~ 9 0 .c a. D

Kareem Youngblood, Maurice Albridge, Charles Mayes, Jonathan Innocent



l i l

Zeta Iota Chi

Computer Information Systems Department

Front: Latasha Lucas, Christine Lockridge

Front: Sarbani Banerjee,Michael Barry, Deborah Daly

Second Row: Erica Dennis, Lisa Frazier,Vanessa Seville, Jennifer Chapman,Michelle Curtis, Jaquann Newton

Robert Barone, LawrenceW. Scott, John Favata, Neal Mazur, Stephen Gareau,William Lin, (not pictured) John Thompson

BackRow: Vivian Snell

Phsychology Department Seated: Dr. Dwight Hennessy, Dr. Jerry Cataldo, Dr.Jurgis Karuza (chair), Dr. Howard Reid, Dr. Michael Machean Standing: Dr. Robert Delprino, Dr. Gary Heiman, Dr. Jean DiPirro, Dr. Michael Zborowski, Sam LoGuidice (instructional support specialist), Dr. Tamara Towles-Schwen, Dr. Jill Norvilitis, Dr. Pamela Schuetze, Janet Pulka (secretary)

Chemistry Department

Seated:Tina Wynne, Linda Hausknecht

Standing: Paul Seidler, Dr. Zeki Y. AI-Saigh, Kenneth jonmaire, Dr.William Durfee, Dr.M. Scott Goodman (chair), Dr. Surjit Singh, Dr. Alexander Nazarenko, Dr. Geoffrey Sametz, Dr.Jamie Kim


ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007




President's Staff

Educational Opportunity Program

Virgina Bolz, Melissa Slisz, Dorothy Fortney, Dr. Bonita Durand


Seated: Lily Bink, Emma McFayden, Maria Brickhouse

Standing: Jude Jayatilleke, Ottilie Woodruff, William Ortega, Gena MacWhinnie, Elizabeth Stevens, Tracy Johnson, Rita Gallagher

Mary Kirkwood, Lynn Korn, DavidMeinzer, Amy Roeder, Cindy Sciolino,Maryanne Luzak.

College Bookstore

Student Life and International Student Affairs

Front: Sherri Centinello, Christopher Ouimet, Marybeth Keller

Seated: Yakima Melton, Gail Wells, Melisa Dybbro

Seated: Charlene Bauer, Kathy Hanaka, Natalie Wills, Lisa Sieger, Lynn Puma

Standing: Dr. Jean Gounard, Jim Bowman, Michelle Downy, Hermen Diaz, Kathy Mills, Kristen Catalano, Sister Charlene Fontana, Sarah Velez, Michelle Curtis, Arthur Cologgi

ELMS 2007




Vice President for Student Affairs Staff


Joanne Merlino, Kathy Marzolf, DannyVelez

Computing Services Help Desk

Peter Gattie, Jennifer Dachauer, Kevin Rabener, Kathryn Barclay, Jason Welborn, Ali Alhobabi


ELMS 2007

ElMS 2007





Yaw·Adom Economics &Finance Bronx

James Alberici Economics &Finance Brooklyn

Ali A. Alhobabi Computer Information Systems Buffalo

Oluwfyemisi "Yemisr, Amosu Speech Language Pathology Bronx

Christina Bailey Social Work Rochester

Antonettisha Baker Criminal Justice Bronx

George Baker Business Administration Niagara Falls

Tereka N. Baltimore Journalism Long Island

Kristine "Faitli, Anderson Social Work/Dance Brooklyn

JaniceAndrews Economics &Finance Jamaica, West Indies

Joshua Asamoah Mechanical Engineering New York City

Lacresha Baines Journalism Buffalo

Ebony S. Bonner Social Work Buffalo

Tashonda Brown Business Administration Rochester

Leonora Cardenas Social Work Yonkers

Shao Chao Chen Interior Design New York City

"Ourgreatestfear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, thatfrightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented, andfabulous? Actually, who areyou not to be? You are a child ofGod. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that otherpeople won'tfeel insecure aroundyou. We were born to make manifest the glory ofGod within us. It is notjust in some; it is in everyone.And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberatedfrom ourfear, ourpresence automatically liberates others." - MarianneWilliamson, co-leader ofthe United States Department of Peace movement (quote oftenwrongly attributed to Nelson Mandela). (Submitted by Kristine Anderson)

Jason Clinton Computer Information Systems Brooklyn

Eric A. Curley Broadcasting Amherst

Aneliya Dobreva Economics &Finance Bulgaria

Ebony Dukes Broadcast Journalism Rochester

These pages feature the pictures of students who voluntarily had their pictures taken by the yearbook staff or submitted pictures of their own because they wanted to be in the Elms Yearbook. They include students who planned to graduate in 2007 and some two– dozen underclassmen. Their appearance here should not be taken as proof of status at or graduation from Buffalo State College.

ELMS 2007

ELMS 2007






Jacqueline Geathers Broadcasting Rochester

Dracey D. Gates Sr. Individualized Studies Buffalo

Gustavo A. Garo SocialWork Bronx

Brian' Engl Economics & Finance Buffalo

Carlton"PeeWee,, Guiden Elementary Education Bronx

Amanda Haner Economics & Finance Tonawanda

Jamila Humbert Political Science Brooklyn

Stephen F. Guevara Jr. Economics & Finance Buffalo

Keith Hurt Public Communication Syracuse

Christopher Hupkowicz Computer Information Systems Buffalo

Juanita Griffin Business Administration Rochester

Vanessa Hyman Sociology Rochester

Innocent Hitimana Economics & Finance Buffalo

Amir Ahmed Hubabi Business Administration Buffalo

Gerrell W. Johnson Communication Rochester

Asia Rose Kinsey Health & Wellness Rochester

Eric Hiscock Business Administration West Irondequoit

Malcolm Hicks Psychology Buffalo

Clement Kwakye Communication Buffalo

Emmanuel Kwaw Criminal Justice Bronx

ElMS 2007


ElMS 2007





Yvette Myhand Criminal Justice Rochester

Brett Neubeck Economics & Finance Buffalo

Nyandusi Nyachae Business Administration Nairobi, Kenya

Theofam Peto International Business Fier, Albania

Yvan S. Limbal Geography Santo Domingo, D.R.

Matthew Levin-Stankevich Business Administration Spokane,WA

Heather Kowalewski Economics & Finance Amherst

Chris Kowalski Economics & Finance Buffalo

OndreaMack Health & Wellness Buffalo

Vaneka A. Livan Psychology Brooklyn

Ashley Lowe-Blue Broadcasting Rochester

Latasha Lucas FashionDesign Philadelphia, PA

Gabriel Pomerantz Communication Buffalo

·· Jamie Pope Sociology Buffalo

Flavia Rivera Sociology Buffalo

Courtney Saenz Forensic Chemistry Houston, TX

Robert J. McLeod Economics & Finance Buffalo

Darnika Moseley Broadcasting Syracuse

Theodore Mcinerney Geography/Meteorology Delmar

Cristina Mazza Broadcasting Queens

ElMS 2007

ElMS 2007






LaShante Thomas Criminal Justice Dunkirk

Adama a.k.a The King of Fire International Business Harlem

Aleda Scott Social Work Brooklyn

Anastasia Stark Sociology Syracuse

Yudelkis Baez Criminal Justice NewYork City

LaTia S. Sinclair Sociology Jamaica, Queens

Rapheisha Edwards Business/Criminal Justice Brooklyn

Scott Ersing Student Personnel Administration Cheektowaga

Kenneth Vargas Sociology Flushing, Queens

Ellianne Gallardo Criminal Justice New York City

Vennessa Thompson HospitalityAdministration Bronx

Chaniqua Turner Biology Buffalo

Sherice Tyes Political Science Buffalo

Jaslyn Hamilton Early Childhood Education Rochester

AnnaLi Hospitality Administration Brooklyn

Latoya McRae Business Administration NewYork City

Tia LouiseWalker Dance & English Delhi

Marcus Wallace Hospitality & Tourism Queens

LaShayaWashington Psychology Rochester

JaquanWilliams Forensic Chemisty Syracuse

Denee Miller Business Administration Rochester

Samantha Marie Ode Business Administration Buffalo

Wilmer Peralto Criminal Justice NewYork City

Patience Roberts Health & Wellness Bronx

ELMS 2007




Manuela'Sanabriz HospitalityAdministration Buffalo

Emily Rose Scrivani Elementary Education East Amherst

Marilyn Sohan English/Secondary Ed. Brooklyn

Brittney N. Stokes Psychology Harlem

Ericca Sumler Individualized Studies Buffalo

Michael St. Rose Public Communication Brooklyn

Israel Taveras Elementary Education Bronx

Yusaku Vehara Economics & Finance Japan

KadynVelez Speech-Language Pathology Brooklyn

JessicaWashington Elementary Education Syracuse

TasharaWhite Humanities Quincy,FL


ELMS 2007

.. .. c • ..–

~ ...... . _ ... IO J=M

< 0 .. .. ... -c • .... ..

First Row: Tamika Neal, Keri Bumgardner, CourtneySaenz; Second Row: Lauren Palisano, Tiffany Jackson, Paige Kaiser, Alysia Cottom, Maria Schaffstall, Laura Lobaugh; Third Row: Asst. CA>ach Jen Breier, Asst. CoachMicole Daluisio,Tiffany Aaron,Jenn McGowan,Katelyn Grew,Ariel Gore, Head Coach Adrienne Thrley

... - ... .. ~

First Row: Mar•-us Scott, Tom Homestead, Cardale Coles,Joe Wooley,Marion Bryant,Brad Young; Second Row: Ernest Guardarramas, Paul Mesi, Eric Bream, John 'lammaro, Greg Cherry, James Howze, Jason Veit, Huewaync Watson; Third Row: Asst. Coach Tom Proctor, Asst. Coach Faith Thompson, Josh Demars, Casey V'illacrusis, Joe Russell. Dan Hargrave. Nas Celestin, Justin Muise,Todd Wassinger, Puka Hoching, Head Coach Eugene Lewis


ELMS 2007

U» z - > - A


Gl U» z - 15 ~· ... - ~- -~

l:lirst Row: Bryant Stewart, Lance Thornton, Will Clochessy; Second Row: Asst Coach Marie Ryer, Asst. Dave Papke, Matt Clark, Scott Banks,Nate Mirizio, Vince Wasneechak, Mike Luther, Cory Skiba; Third Row: Head Coach Mike Switalski, Kevin Buisman, Mike Rinde, Victor Tejada, Derek Stoklo.sa, Eric Hastings, Mike Phelan,Scan Henderson, Tim Harroun

First Row: Patrick Boafo, Prisco Houndanon, Dan Corti, joe Losecco, Peter Anthony, Dominic Senyah; Second Row: Vmcenzo Peraino, Stephen Galante, Doug Curella,Adam Orlando, Mike Hart, Casey Cushing, Derrick Basile; Third Row: Asst. Coach Kevin Brenner, Head Coach Rudy Pompert, Oint Holcomb, Christian Elizondo, Dave Grant, Josh Mitchell, Shawn McDonell, Matt Ketchum, Gary Luniewski, Asst. Coach Mike Strangio, Asst. Brendan Murphy; Fourth Row: Steve Orfanos, Steve Fox, Taylor Diuguid,Stephen Barker,Matt Westerholt,Zach Eastman,Tom Fusillo,Joatan Humphreys


ElMS 2007

... ... c •


I- III =-= ~"' zC ••

~~:~~::i Charles Hepburn, lshma_e~ Skylar~, Barry ~VeUs, ~ames "J'yndal,PeeWee Guiden,JayWingate,Santo Lamar, Bubba Wood, Neal Wilkins; Second Row: Asst. Co. hDv nEdGioverd, Head Coach FaJn Ansan, DJ Nubme-MIIcheU,Dante Griggs, ]avon Jones, Antonio Samedi, Dian Mozelle, Kojo Mcnds-Aidoo John Lawai Asst ac ean war s,Asst. Coach Drew McLaren ' ' ·

First Row: Sean Sheehan, johnny Duco, Jason HiU, Mike DeMarco, Jeff Mok, Clay Lewis, Paul Gagnon, Dave Koch, Aaron Allor; Seco11d Row: Asst. Coach jason Greenway, D'Arcy Thomas, Dennis Sicard, ShareefLabreche,CodyCole, Kyle Gunn·Taylor,Joe Curry,Mike Luzarraga,Mike Fiume,Dave Roy, Mike Smietana,Equip. Mgr. Scott Mischner,Asst. Coach Cory Mickey; 'l'hird Row: Head Coach Nick Carriere, lrainer Sean Roberts, Ryan Ramage, Jesse Adair,JustinMerritt,Mike Ansell, Paul Michael Rivest, Shawn O'Donoghue,Travis Whitehead, Rkhard Curtis


ELMS 2007


ELMS 2007

The 2007 Elms Staff

'd ~ inzer Janice Andrews, ~ow Adorn

I I I l


USG Press Services Dneclor Dovl e '

Janice Andrews, Editor in Chief

First and foremost, we would like to thank the Almighty God for His grace and mercies. Without Him, this book would have never been published. Working on the 2007 Elms Yearbook has been a major challenge. For the past few years, the staff started with about ten people but ended with about two or three, this was the case this year as well. I've learned from working on this project that having a lot of people helps but to make the book a success you need focus and determination from everyone involved. Ialmost gave up on the book once, but Dave gave me hope.Thanks Dave! Dave is a wonderful and talented person. Did you know that? He gave a lot of his time to this yearbook and I really could not have done this without him. Dave, I would like to share this book with you. As they say in the business world "this is our baby:' You've encouraged me to continue with this book no matter what others told me. You have a calm spirit and I think that has grown on me a little. Even when things got stressful, you were still calm. I thank you for all of your hard work and your patience with me. I would also like to thank your wife Cathy for her contributions and suggestions.To my readers, thank you for supporting the yearbook. It was a battle getting this book published but I know that with your help this book will continue to be published for generations to come. To everyone who contributed to this book and my well being, thank you! Kristine, we kept our promise to work on the yearbook senior year. Yaw, your hard work was a blessing to me. I can't name everyone who contributed but I thank you all. This is a true blessing and I would like to end by saying that every person that is in this book is now a part of Buff State's history. Something to think about, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends ?' - Janice Andrews

~aw tries on the "Bengal Paws"

Yaw Adom, Managing Editor Working on the Elms Yearbook as managing edi~or ha~ been a great experience. It has given me the opportumty to mter~ct with others. My favorite partwas when I got the opportumty to wear the mascot for an hour and a half - "Bengal .got a pimp walk" (lol). I would like to take this opportumty ~o thank those who helped put this book together.Tha?ks Davtd for being the advisor, mentor and guidance for th1s prod~c­ tion. Janice, 1 really appreciate you giving me the opportumty to work on the Elms, without you this book would have been cut, all the credit should go to you for your hard work. ;hank you to the contributors, without your help we wouldn t have anything to send to the printer. - Yaw"Westside"Adorn

I I I I I I I I ! I I

Dean Charles Kenyon, President ~uriel Howard, Janice Andrews, Vite President Hal Payne

!11\0iiOn l)irec\Ol }e\t \lenlll!O \o! Sneciol tllonks lo Sporls ~~-lo oris seclion yeor alter 'leor. r • 'tiline yeorboot. S\1 \lelpm9.Wl

Janice and ~ow go bowling

ELMS 2007


The Beginning of a Building Boom The new Burchfield-Penney Art Center is the first of several new campus facilities Through much of the fall 2006 semester students were treated to the sound of pile drivers slamming away at bedrock at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Rockwell Road. The pounding marked not only the beginning of construction of the new stand-alone facility for the Burchfield-Penney Art Center but the start of campus construction that is likely to stretch over most of the next decade. The Center, which has been located in Rockwell Hall for most of its history, is slated to move into the new building sometime in 2008. The building will double the museum's exhibition areas and provide six times the space currently available for other public programs. .. Additionally,graduates who visit tneir almamater in years to come will be able to walk through a newly landscaped Union Quad, eat in new Union dining facilities, visit an updated Science Building and a brand new Technology Building, and attend the I-IfmecomingGame in a hew stadium!

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