International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła


Thispublication isacollectionof noveltiesdeve- loped by Nowa Szkola for 2021 season. We created over 500 new educational aids, most of themaredesignedandmanufacturedbyus. Thepresentedoffer of educational aids for chil- dren includes new versions and colours of our best-selling furniture lines and cloakroom col- lections,whichare in linewithcurrent trends for children. Our teachingmaterials and soft play are functional, therapeutic and high-quality. When creating furniture, soft play and peda- gogical materials we always put children first. The use of classic white, grey and pastel colo- urs promotes cognitive activity in children and

makes the space more peaceful. Light, natural colours are a safe choice for interior design in various styles. All educational aids, worksheets and lessonscenariosareconsultedwithmetho- dologists. Itmakes themwell thought out, andas aresult, indispensable for teachers in theirwork. In that cataloqueyouwill finda reference to the main Nowa Szkoła Export Cataloque, which contains the complete offer. We wish you a successful journey through the amazing world of education.

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