International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła


Small botanical cabinet. Cabinet with botanical cards AO2032

Small botanical cabinet. Cabinet with leaf shapes templates AO2029

This cabinet complements the Small Botanical Study series. It consists of 3 shelves. On each of them is placed a set of 14 cards with leaf shapes. The upper shelf has cards with coloured leaf shapes, the middle shelf with a thick outline and the last shelf with thin outline. The activity with these pieces improves visual perception by matching the shape of the leaves with their image. It also allows the students to practice associating leaf shapes on templates and cards with natural specimens. • 42 cards in 3 versions depicting leaves: thick outline, thin outline, filled with colour outline; meas. of the cards: 14 x 0,3 x 14 cm; meas. of the cabinet: 17 x 15 x 26 cm; material: wood; age: 3+

Cabinet with three drawers on which leaf templates are placed. The upper part of the cabinet has space to store control card (A02030). The first drawer contains 6 frames with 6 templates. The second and the third drawer stores 4 templates and 2 blank plates each. This set allows the students to acquire and improve their ability to recognise, name and associate leaves with the names of their shapes. • 18 pcs.: meas. of the frame with leaf templates and the blank plate: 14 x 0,4 x 14cm; meas. of the cabinet: 47,5 x 14 x 32,5 cm; material: wood; age: 5+

Small botanical cabinet. Leaf shapes cards. Educational game AO2031

Educational game which develops the ability to identify (pair matching) leaf shapes and learn their names. It al- lows the students to practice global reading by associating a caption with a leaf shape on a card. It contains 2 set of elements, 14 cards each. One set consists of leaf pictures with captions defining their shape. The second one contains only cards with a graphic image of leaves and a separate description of their shapes. All the set’s elements are kept in a plastic envelope. 14 cards with descriptions, • 8 x 10cm; 14 cards without descriptions, 8 x 8 cm; captions: kidney- -shaped, triangular, obcordate, spear-shaped, round, sagittate, elliptical, lanceolate, ovate, acicular, spatulate, heart-shaped, obovate, ensiform, 8 x 2,5 cm; meas. of the envelope: 19 x 15 cm; material: laminated cardbo- ard, plastic; age: 5+

Small botanical cabinet. Leaf shapes names – control cards AO2030 Control card serves as an addition to the series of botani- cal study aids. It helps to supervise the proper recognition of the shapes of leaves placed in a botanical cabinet, on botanical cards and cards " shapes of leaves ". It contains 14 leaf drawings with descriptions and shapes: kidney-shaped, triangular, obcordate, spear-shaped, round, sagittate, elliptical, lanceolate, ovate, acicular, spatulate, heart-shaped, obovate, ensiform. • 45 x 31 cm; material: laminated cardboard

Botanical puzzle AO0007

Thanks to them the child discovers the world of plants: the structure of the leaf, flower and tree. Each piece can be taken out and put together just like traditional puzzles. 3 wooden boards; • 25 x 25 cm



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