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Dalton Plan. Clock NS9600

in a given period. Before children start their individual work, the teacher should specify which colour represents the time they have to complete the task. • The hand of the clock should be set manually. dia.: dia. of the dial: 43 cm; time intervals and colours: red – 5 minutes, green – 10 minutes, blue – 15 minutes, yellow – 30 minutes; material: MDF boards, 10 mm thick; battery powered mechanism: 1,5 V AA; age: 3+


The clock has a visible clock hand and a dial face with time intervals and corre- sponding colours. This division is clear, and it makes the clock perfectly suited for use in preschools and schools. It helps to understand the concept of time, the rules of determining it and to plan the work





Dalton Plan. Magnetic Week Planner. Tulips NS9611 Magnetic board with colourful days of the week in the shape of tulips. It helps children to get acquain- ted with the concept of the days of the week. Tulips’

colours are unique and they symbolise different days. The attached arrow serves as a pointer. By using it, children can easily mark a given day of the week. Perfect educational aid for the implementation of the Dalton Plan. • Dimensions of the board: 74cm x 14cm


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