International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła

Transparent antivirus shield. Mobile screen AWF180 Screen is a perfect solution to create a separate spa- ce in a room according to individual needs. It can be also used for recommended health protection in educational institutions, nursing homes or treatment rooms. Thanks to the light steel frame and wheels, the screen can be quickly moved or put in a conve- nient place. Wide leg guarantees stability, and plastic feet protect floors against damage. The surface of the transparent and elastic panel is made of smooth thick foil which allows the user to write on it with dry- -erase markers and makes cleaning and disinfection easy. It is attached to the frame with Velcro. Screens can be transformed into a partition wall system. Self Assembly Required. • 94,5 x 50 x 180 cm; material: frame made of grey metal pipes with a diameter 2,2 cm, curtain made of transparent plastic, 0,15 mm thick, meas. 160 x 94,5 cm; 2 wheels diam. 4 cm; screens are con- nected by plastic connectors included with the product – one piece



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