International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła


Carpets made in Heat-SET frize technology are cha- racterized by high density, tall bristles. The pile of the carpet, thanks to the special, notched weave of threads is soft to touch, comfortable in use and it resembles wool. The fibers are antistatic, deformation and wear resistant. The anti-bacterial carpet pile prevents the in- gress of dirt into the deep bristle structure. The carpet is additionally covered with a flame-retardant coating

to ensure safety. The jute fabric underneath the carpet protects the floor from scratching and makes it suitable for use with underfloor heating. They are easy to clean and allergy friendly. Carpets with the Polish Hygienic Certificate are free from harmful chemicals. Parameters.: the pile +/- 13mm, weight +/- 2400 g/m2, Material: 100% PP Heat set

ø 400 cm

ø 300 cm

ø 200 cm

Round carpet 4m

Round carpet 3 m

Round carpet 2 m

DL0124 Grey DL0144 Green DL0154 Orange DL0164 Turquoise

DL0123 Grey DL0143 Green DL0153 Orange DL0163 Turquoise

DL0122 Grey DL0142 Green DL0152 Orange DL0162 Turquoise

300 cm

200 cm

400 cm

Rectangle carpet 4 x 5 m

Rectangle carpet 3 x 4 m

Rectangle carpet 2 x 3 m

DL0024 Grey DL0044 Green DL0054 Orange DL0034 Turquoise DL0014 Beige

DL0023 Grey DL0043 Green DL0053 Orange DL0033 Turquoise DL0013 Beige

DL0022 Grey DL0042 Green DL0052 Orange DL0032 Turquoise DL0012 Beige



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