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WEIGHTED AIDS Weighted aids are specialist equipment in the therapy and rehabilitation of pe- ople with sensory integration disorders. While used, they gently pressthe body and stimulate the vestibular-proprioceptive system responsible for the ‚deep to- uch’. Receptors in this system are found in muscles and tendons and they provide information about the orientation of our limbs in space. According to individual needs, stimulation of proprioceptors relaxes, calms down, raises the awareness of one’s body, improves focus and concentration, limits self-stimulation and helps eliminate fear, anxiety or insecurity. The aids for sensory integration are made of fabrics distinguished for colours, design and quality. They are filled with safe glass bead granulate whose amount and weight depends on the user’s weight and height.

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Weights for wrists and ankles NS2288

Weighted blanket for thighs NS2289

Universal weights intended for arm and leg exercises. They facilitate the formation of correct motor coordina- tion, training proper motor skills and movement planning. The adjustable velcro strap makes the weights pos- sible to fit to the chosen body part. They are made of durable denim and pleasant to touch Minky fabric, which makes the weights soft in contact with the skin. Quilted lining made of cotton is filled with metal beads. • 2 pcs.: dim.: 25 x 8,5 cm; weight : 1 kg; mate - r ial: grey denim, Minky fabr ic in grey, cot ton; f i l l ing: metal beads; regulat ion: velcro st rap; metal beads

Weighted aid in the form of a blanket for the legs is especially recommen- ded for those suffering from sensory disorders. It is used to stimulate deep pressure which is necessary for the motor development in children. It sta- bilizes the work of the nervous system, improves coordination and has a po- sitive effect on the development of the body awareness. The blanket is made of soft to touch Minky fabric and cotton with hedgehogs print. The inside is fil- led with glass granulate enclosed in a quilted cot ton lining. The product can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees with a slight spin, without removing the filling.

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