International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła


Acrylic accessorries for panel are in Education category on page 69-71, 82-83

Illuminated rectangular panel JN0020 Light panel is a universal tool with a wide range of use. Pro- vides a soft backlight, perfect for experimenting with diffe- rent colours and shapes of the

objects. On the table top we can place transparent figures, coloured foils, transparent pa- pers, mirrors. Made of high quality materials, easy to use. It is light weight, durable and completely safe for children. • 65 x 47 cm; backlit plate area: A2 (58,5 x 41 cm); power cord included.

Therapeutic teethers. Clasroom set JN0026

Teethers in the shape of a circle, made of safe and non-toxic material are an effective solution for gen- tle teething. They are also useful as part of speech therapy prophylaxis. Teethers facilitate the exercises connected to chewing and they can replace the ha- bit of sucking the thumb. Their texture significantly increases the sensory experience by stimulating the child's sensorimotor and proprioceptive system. The construction of the set elements gives a chance to form a chain of any length that can be attached

Mirror shapes. Set NS9080

The set of mirrors in four different shapes. They are perfect for speech therapy exerci- ses, games developing self awareness and the sense of observation in a child. Acrylic mirror glass permanently placed in a frame with rounded edges is safe for small hands. • 4 pcs; • 15 x 15 x 1,2 cm; shape: triangle, circle, square, hexagon; material: MDF board, 12 mm thick, acrylic mirror glass.

somewhere or hunged. 144 pcs. • 7,3 x 4 cm; material: plastic; packaging: • plastic bag; age: 18 months +


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