International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła


Tic Tac Toe. Floor game VX0101

Floor version of Tic Tac Toe which involves not only the mind but the who- le body. It provides great fun indoors and outdoors. This game contains 10 tags, a mat and a mesh bag for storage. Meas. of the mat: 1 x 1 cm; 10 tags: 5 with a circle in yellow, 5 with a cross in blue; material: poliplopyrene

Balancing cone JN0180

Serso. Game of skill VX0106

This balancing cone helps to improve posture, balance and coordination. It can be used for fun, therapy and rehabilitation. Additionally, the cone allows children to practice and strengthen their sense of balance, it also teaches motor and hand-eye coordination. The structure of the base surface prevents the user from slipping and stimulates the sense of touch. • 1 piece; dia. 25 cm, H 22 cm; material: plastic; age: 3+

Serso is perfect for group playtime on fresh air, but it also provides just as much fun indoors when it’s raining. Additionally, it trains motor skills, hand-eye coordination and helps to strengthen social bonds. The set contains 6 hoops, 2 steel bearers/misericords and metal stand in the form of a cross with a rubber foot at the bottom. • 9 pcs.: material: metal, plastic, rubber

Weights 1kg VX1000

Weights for strength exercises filled with sand. Covered with a layer of high-quality synthetic material which is easy to clean and prevents the ab- sorption of moisture and sweat. Essen- tial during aerobics, exercises to streng- then the muscles of the whole body, as well as for rehabilitation. • 1 piece; weight: 1 kg; material: synthetic mate- rial; filling: sand; colours may change

Wrist weights 0,5 kg VX0050 • weight: 0,5 kg; material: polyester; filling: plastic granulate, iron balls

Ankles weights 1 kg VX0001 • weight: 1 kg; material: polyester; filling: plastic granulate, iron balls


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