International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła

Rounded transparen bricks JN0040

Transparent tubes. Constructions bricks JN0036 Transparent tubes in different shapes allow children to create simple patterns or complica- ted three-dimensional constructions. A simple system of connecting elements makes possible building figures, labyrinths, scaffoldings and many other structures. These bricks stimulate imagination, encourages creative thinking and develops fine motor skills. The set, when combined with the light panel, will provide many spectacular visual sensations. • 80 pcs.: 32 straight tubes, 32 L-shaped tubes, 8 T-shaped tubes, 8 crosses; dim. of the striaght tube: 7 x 2,2 cm; colour: yellow, green, red, orange, blue; material: plastic; packaging: plastic bag; age: 3+ Colourful bricks shaped in a way that allows children to construct letters and numbers. Simple connections in the form of press studs, together with attached worksheets, enable the creation of flat constructions. Bricks can be used for games and experiments with colours and shapes on the light panel. • 180 pcs.: meas. of the biggest element: 10 cm; 27 worksheets; material: plastic; packaging: plastic bag; age: 3+

Transparent and colourful sorting cups JN0106 Colourful boxes made of transpa- rent plastic, perfect for playing and sorting objects by colour and size. Equipped with a lid with a convenient knob for easy opening and for stac- king boxes one on top of another. • 18 pcs.: diameter: 4,5 cm, height: 5,7 cm; colours: 3 x red, 3 x green, 3 x orange, 3 x blue, 3 x purple, 3 x yellow; material: plastic; age: 18 months +



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