International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła



Vehicules. Mobile construction bricks NS4101

Gears. Construction bricks NS4102

Caterpillar. Construction bricks NS4108

Set of colourful bricks for constructing vehicles. It is based on a system of holes placed in the main elements, to which other parts can be screwed on or attached. The wheels included in the set allow cars to move on the floor. The activity with the bricks helps to develop spatial imagination, manual skil- ls and eye-hand coordination. Through play, the child learns to use logical thinking, handle objects and match them.

Creative set which combines fun and learning. Diffe- rent types of bricks, including gears, allow children to build vehicles and mechanisms which can be set in motion. Play time with bricks helps to develop spatial imagination, manual skills and it teaches to use logical thinking. It also shows how gear wheels work and their use in mechanics. • 88 pcs. in different shapes and colours: red, yellow, blue, green; material: plastic; packaging: plastic bag; age: 3+

Set of bricks consisting of one type of element in different colours. Its design will stimulate children's imagination and creativity. These homogeneous bricks can inspire the creation of unusual spatial structures, animals and funny characters. Play time with the set has a positive effect on the child's de- velopment by improving motor skills, dexterity, and developing logical thinking skills. 80 pcs. In red, yellow, blue, green, purple; material: plastic; pac- kaging: plastic bag; age: 3+

Farm. Construction bricks TU0048 • 101 pcs.; material: plastic

Horse farm. Construction bricks TU0047 • 85 pcs.; material: plastic



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