International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła

Waste segregation. Wooden puzzle VG4504

Numbers. Stacking game CI4556

Wooden clock. Stacking game CI5041

Educational toy for learning how to segregate waste and for raising environmental awareness. This product has a form of a box-shaped sorter with 4 holes, where properly segregated waste should be placed. The exam- ples of rubbish for segregation are shown on wooden tiles. To check if the task was done correctly, the colour of the container is printed on the back of each tile. The set includes dices which randomly indicate the colour, with which the container should be filled. • 13 pcs.: 8 tiles with illustrations, 1 box • 29,5 x 12 x 8,3 cm, 1 board illustrating the containers, 1 board with holes, 2 dices; weight: 0,9 kg; material: wood; age: 3 +

Simple puzzle which introduces children to the world of colours and numbers. The set contains a base with pins and colourful hoops. The task is to place a tile on the base with a number and to pick the right amount of wooden hoops. To make it easier, all matching elements are painted with the same colour. There is a hole in the tile which facilitates removing it from the base. This acti- vity develops manual skills and improves concentration. • 66 pcs.; dim. of the base: 45 x 11 x 8 cm; material: wood; age: 3+

Colourful puzzles which create a clock when assembled. A wooden clock face equipped with movable hands al- lows the teacher to effectively introduce the concept of time and teach the students to how to read time in 12 or 24-hour variant. • 29 pcs.; meas. 28 x 28 x 4 cm: material: wood; age: 3 +

Magnetic world map with components. Two-sided VG4508

Double-sided board showing the map of the world with a dry-erase surface for writing and drawing. It is equipped with magnetic elements which have to be put in the right places on the map to reveal secrets from around the world. Play time with this toy will allow the children to broaden their knowledge and to become fascinated by geography, history or fauna and flora. Additionally, it develops hand-eye coordi- nation, dexterity, as well as imagination and the ability to make pre- cise movements • 106 magnetic elements, double-sided board; material: wood, magnet; meas. of the packaging: 72,5 x 46 x 0,9 cm; age: 3 +



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