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Transparent abacus for sorting numbers JN0030

Transparent abacus for sorting shapes JN0031

Transparent comparative figures JN0029

Manipulative puzzle which not only develops motor skills of children, but it also improves their creativity and stimu- lates their interest in the world of colours and numbers. The set consists of 5 pins on which colourful hoops can be put. Transparent numbers, which additionally help to visualise mathematical operations, were prepared with older children in mind. • dim. of the whole set: 30 x 8 x 18 cm; contents: 50 hoops with dim. of 5 cm, 1 cm thick in: blue, yellow, red, green, orange; 5 transparent pins; 1 transparent base, dim.: 30 x 8 x 5 cm; 10 numbers (0-9) in: blue, yellow, red, green; material: plastic, packaging: plastic bag; age 3+

The set of figures with an abacus will introduce the chil- dren to the world of sorting and recognising colours as well as objects’ characteristics. This set consists of the elements which differ not only in colour, but also in sha- pe. Play time will train hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and it will improve logical thinking. • dim. of the whole set: 30 x 8 x 18 cm; contents: 50 figures (disc: dim. 5 cm, thickness: 1 cm) in 5 colours: red, yellow, green, orange, blue; 5 pins in green, 1 base in yellow; material: plastic; packaging: plastic bag; age: 3+

The set of transparent figures differing in size and thick- ness. Perfect for introducing the concept of size, shape and colour. It is also indispensable during geometry exercises. Thanks to their transparent colour they work well with the light panel. The set is kept in a box which makes moving and storing easier. • 48 pcs.: dim. of the ring: 6 cm, 1 cm thick; figures: square, rectangle, triangle, circle; colours: yellow, blue, red; material: plastic; packaging: cardboard box, dim.: 21,5 x 6 x 13,5 cm; age: 3+


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