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Equivalency cubes set JN0041

Tokens with boards. Decimal system JN0079 Classroom set for learning about num- bers and their properties. It also helps to introduce the students to the world of arithmetic. By manipulating the tokens, it is possible to explain the principles of operations in the decimal system to the

how to perform basic arithmetic opera- tions on them. All elements of the set are delivered in a plastic bag. • 51 pcs. with a print depicting fractions in 9 colours: red (1), pink (1/2), orange (1/3), yellow (1/4), green (1/5), blue (1/6), navy blue (1/8), purple (1/10), black (1/12); material: plastic; dim. 2 x 2 x 2 cm; age: 3+

students and to improve their efficiency in performing basic arithmetic operations. • Each board consists of 10 compartments in which the two-coloured tokens can be placed. 220 pcs.: 20 white boards with • 16,5 x 6,5 cm, 200 bilateral tokens (red on one side, blue on the other) with dia. 2,5 cm; material: plastic; age: 3+

The set of colourful bricks with a print depicting fractions. Each fraction is repre- sented by one colour and by the amount of cubes forming one whole. This set helps the students to understand the concept of expanding and reducing fractions, and



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