International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła



The evolution of vertebrates encephalons QH4107 Set of comparative models which presents the evo- lution of vertebrates. The right selection of colours and the size of the organ makes it possible to ob- serve the anatomical details of the brain of different animals in the course of evolution. Each model is equipped with a separate stands. 8 models of the brains: river lamprey, trout, frog, alligator, pigeon, rabbit, dog; weight: 1,6 kg; material: plastic

Root systems - 4 types (embedded in plexiglass) HG0092

The evolution of vertebrates' hearts QH4108

Set of models which presents the evolution of ver- tebrate hearts. The size and colours of the specific elements allow the students to see the differences, similarities and evolutionary changes in the heart structure of fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and reptiles. Each model is placed on a separate base which makes the observation easier. 7 heart models of the fish, frog, turtle, crocodile, bird, dog, human; weight of the set: 2,9 kg; material: plastic

4 preparations embedded in a plexiglass present the types of root systems and their morphology and some modifications of this organ. The set includes: 1. typical pile root systemwith a clearly dominant main root; 2.adventitious roots growing out of a plant stem; 3. roots with root nodules - these structures are inhabited by symbiotic bacteria for the plant; 4. fibrous root system consisting of many thin roots. It is an educational aid intended for biology lessons. GEOGRAPHY

Set for testing minerals NS6142

3D mountain model. Topography NS6141

Model of a karst cave with landform in cross- section HG0453 High quality model presenting a karst cave and lan- dforms in cross-section. The model consists of 2 ele- ments. It is possible to observe the interior of the cave with different karst forms, after removing the top. Inside the cave stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates are precisely marked. • dim.: 30 x 45 x 30 cm? 30 x 45 x 30 cm

This set contains the tools which help to conduct tests to determine the key properties of minerals. They allow the students to assess the hardness, striation, lustre and magnetism. The set also includes necessary informa- tion about rock masses and tips for recognizing them. Thanks to this, students can take it out in the field and study the minerals themselves. • 7 pcs.: metal nail, 7 cm long, white ceramic tile, black ceramic tile, glass tile, neodymium magnet, magnifier, bottle with a dropper, 30 ml; age: 8+

This plastic model of a volcanic mountain was specially designed to demonstrate the creation of the contour lines and to help to explain their functions. The equip- ment of the set allows the students to convert a three- -dimensional model into a two-dimensional contour drawing. The transparent model can be placed on the projector and presented to the class. • Meas. of the model: 34 x 20 x 8,5 cm; overlay, • 32 x 18 cm; black crayon, food colouring; material: plastic; age: 8+



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