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June 2017

Now that it’s June, the days are growing longer and warmer. The song of spring continues, and though the weather gets warmer, something else swells with greater volume — our sense of freedom. It’s in the air every June, almost tangible in the dusty morning light of summer days. The song of summer is a combination of light and sound — the aforementioned light, interposed with the audible music of buzzing cicadas, children playing, and screen doors opening and closing. Nothing says Louisiana summer like a screen door filtering a cool breeze. A nice fan whirring in the corner lends a hand. THE SONG OF SUMMER It takes more than a little heat to quell the most avid anglers. The bayous are replete with some of the best catching prospects of the year,

whether you choose to paddle down the gentle streams in a canoe, wade into the best fly fishing spots, or sit for hours on the riverbank.

Other helpers that enable us to endure these sweltering, humid summers are the pools, rivers, and lakes of our state. A good swimming pool transcends its necessity to help us survive and becomes a must-visit destination every June through August. Nothing beats resting poolside with a cool beverage when the humidity and the sun beat fervently upon us.

May we all look at this summer as a tourist would, forgiving the quirks that make it difficult —

the heat especially — and enjoying the music as it gently plays around us. The song goes on, and the children continue to laugh, the cicadas continue to sing, and the

To stay in our small-town nook with its quiet neighborhoods and backwoods terrain is

screen doors continue to open and close. It’s something to endure, but it’s also something to enjoy. We hope you enjoy it in whatever way suits you.

lovely — to visit Orleans is as well, but in a different way. The line between tourists and locals is blurred because even the natives step out to enjoy the music festivals, museums, and fine dining people from around the country seek out every year. I hope we can all live like tourists in our respective towns and cities and continually see the world around us as though for the first time — even when the oppressive heat makes us want to hole up in our air-conditioned homes.

– J. Cra ig Jon e s a nd Cra ig Ra y Hill


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