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Buttar, CPA, MBA, CGMA, PSA named partner Mercadien announces executive promotions

Procida reveals new scholarship fund at St. Thomas Aquinas College

still makes it more economi- cal to avoid sustainable and LEED practices, resulting in low owner participation levels despite it being top of mind for many people. Even budget neutral practices are dismissed with the perception that they may have added cost impacts. LEED certifica - tion is seen as intangible for many clients due to its filing and certification costs, but the WELL program is operational in its approach with long last- ing, visible benefits. When it is introduced and supported within the initial design stage, the WELL program is ever- green, with ongoing policies and practices that impact us- ers throughout the life of the space in more tangible ways. We see two routes to mak- ing sustainable design more adaptable. The first is to have governance from the authori- ties having jurisdiction on the project; either with monetary incentives for adaptive reuse of current structures and or penalties for the abandonment of prescribed levels of existing materials. The second is to have a more robust database and teaching of the costs and ROI on sustainable practices, cradle-to-grave (C2G) account- ing of material components, and development process from ma- terials extraction, processing, manufacturing, distribution, Dr. Procida has committed to a $50,000 scholarship fund, $20,000 of which has been funded to date. The scholar- ship fund will assist worthy students with financial needs and hardships to pursue their college degrees at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Dr. Procida has a long-standing commit- ment as a builder to low- income families in New York and New Jersey. He has won many awards for community revitalization throughout his 40-year career, including re- cently being named as the Rockland County Corporate Citizen of the Year. Dr. Procida, who admits SPARKILL, NY — Dr. Wil - liam “Billy” Procida , presi- dent of Procida Funding and Piermont resident, announced the establishment of the Dr. William “Billy” Procida and Dr. Margaret Fitzpatrick, S.C. Scholarship Fund in honor of Dr. Fitzpatrick’s retirement. Dr. Fitzpatrick retired on June 30th after 25 years of leadership as president of St. Thomas Aquinas College.

RINCETON, NJ & PHI LADELPHI A , PA — The Mercadien Group announced several promotions within the firm’s corporate leadership team. Lovepreet Buttar, CPA, MBA, CGMA, PSA , a member of the Nonprofit & Human Ser - vices Group, was promoted to managing director of The Mer- cadien Group and principal in Mercadien, P.C., CPAs (the official titles of firm partners). Lovepreet has been employed with Mercadien since 2009. Two professionals were pro- moted to the level of director: Joseph Galdo, CPA, CFE, CAMS , a member of the Finan- cial Institutions Services Group and resident of Philadelphia, PA and Stephen Noon, CPA, CGMA, PSA , a member of both the Private Company Services and Audit & Assurance Ser- vices Groups. Four associates were promot- ed to supervisor: Jack Ham- mell, CPA , a member of the Government Services Group; Miroslava Juscakova, MBA, CAMS , a member of the Fi- nancial Institutions Services Group; Pranav Naik, MS, CAMS, CFE , member of the Financial Institutions Services Group; and Christina Rich- ardson, CAMS , also a member of the Financial Institutions Services Group. Lovepreet Buttar, CPA, MBA, CGMA, PSA, has over 10 years of experience per- forming and overseeing au- dit engagements for various nonprofit clients, including associations, schools, private foundations, and health and human services organizations. She is passionate about helping these organizations support their constituents and achieve their mission. Lovepreet is frequent ly asked to speak at conferences and events hosted by various organizations, such as the New Jersey Association of Com- munity Providers, the Council of Nonprofits, the Center for Nonprofits of New Jersey, Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Princeton Community Works, to name a few. Driven by giving back, Love- preet commits much of her free time to serving on boards and committees for various organizations, including the Princeton Area Community Foundation, Philadelphia VIP P

use, repair, maintenance, and disposal/recycling. The Coming Months and Years More immediately, tenants and building owners are ex- ploring improvements in air- flow and filtration throughout ventilation systems in response to COVID-19 concerns. HVAC will be a driver in new building design, as well as a great oppor- tunity for elevated air quality. Renovations to current systems will be increasingly more chal- lenging, and legislation for tax incentives for upgrading existing systems will go a long way in increasing the health of existing buildings. The climate impact on our cities and buildings is threat- ening current standards in building practices that are not meeting the challenges of the environment. In the next 10 years, we will need to create new buildings with carbon neu- tral footprints. Anticipating this need, architects, designers, and builders must act now, to incorporate sustainable and healthy practices into creating built environments—before it is too late. John Campbell, Presi- dent at Francis Cauffman Architects (FCA); Denise Thompson, Principal at FCA; Ann Hoffman, Direc- tor of Workplace Strategies at FCA; and Alex Wysocki, Associate at FCA. MAREJ he was “scholastically chal- lenged” as a student, and Dr. Fitzpatrick might seem like an odd couple, but upon meeting and forging a friend- ship, they agreed to create the scholarship fund to assist STAC students in covering the cost of their education. “Dr. Procida and I share a com- mitment. We want students to have access to a quality college education through the excellent academic and career- oriented programs offered at St. Thomas Aquinas College. I am honored to join with Dr. Procida as he provides this scholarship opportunity,” said Dr. Fitzpatrick. MAREJ Shown from left: Dr. Margaret Fitzpatrick, S.C.; Dr. William “Billy” Procida; Former STAC Board Chairman Don Riley)

Lovepreet Buttar

Joseph Galdo

Stephen Noon

Miroslava Juscakova

Pranav Naik

Jack Hammell

Christina Richardson

and the Burlington County Women’s Advisory Council. She is also a past board and executive committee member of the West Windsor Arts Council and continues to seek other vol- unteering opportunities where she can lend a helping hand. Joseph Galdo, CPA, CFE, CAMS, is a member of the firm’s Financial Institutions Services Group, where he is responsible for overseeing the Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) team through the completion of internal audits, validations, and consulting projects for community and commercial bank clients. Galdo participates in valida- tions of BSA/AML monitor- ing software to ensure data is interfacing appropriately from core to system and per- forms restructuring assess- ments of BSA departments through staffing analyses and training, mainly on high-risk relationship reviews and pro- cess enhancements. He also conducts BSA look-backs and alert optimizations, as well as handles implementation and enhancements of customer risk rating models. He has also presented semi- nars and authored articles on industry and financial topics relevant to clients and profes- sional organizations. Stephen Noon, CPA, CGMA, PSA, of the firm’s Audit and As - surance and Private Company Services Groups, is responsible for managing and performing audits, reviews and compila- tions; evaluating systems of internal controls; and prepar- ing financial statements. JackHammell, CPA, CGFM, of the firm’s Government Ser -

vices Group is responsible for testing systems of internal controls, performing ana- lytical reviews, and ensuring staff on engagements are pro- ductive. Hammell also assists in the preparation of audit and financial statements for various state and local gov- ernment entities. Miroslava Juscakova, MBA, CAMS, of the Financial Institu- tions Services Group at Mer- cadien, P.C., Certified Public Accountants, is responsible for the completion of consulting services, as well as review and audit testing processes for com- mercial and community banks. Juscakova has a solid un- derstanding of Customer Iden- tification Programs (CIP), the USA Patriot Act and its re- quirements, as well as the Of- fice of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations. Addition- ally, she has experience prepar- ing and executing audit plans, along with ensuring regulatory risks are properly identified and mitigated, to guarantee that best practices are being implemented. Pranav Naik, MS, CAMS, CFE, of the firm’s Financial Institutions Services Group, conducts audits and testing procedures for various types of financial institutions. Pranav has significant experience in leadership, strategy develop- ment, financial analysis, proj - ect management, and technical comprehension. Ch r i s t i na R i c ha r d s on , CAMS, of the firm’s Financial Institutions Services Group, is primarily responsible for the completion of consulting ser- vices and review and audit test- ing procedures for commercial and community banks. MAREJ

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