Brauns Law January 2019


Setting the Gold Standard Celebrating Our Best Year Yet

We are starting the new year off in a big way. In 2018, we had the privilege of helping more people than ever before. This was our firm’s best year to date and a real reason to celebrate. As I have stated in the past, it is our ethical obligation, responsibility, and duty to help as many people as possible. Fortunately, most people don’t need a personal injury attorney save for maybe once or twice in their life. Until that time comes, they have no idea what they need out of an attorney. With nowhere else to start, many people shop for firms based on price tag because they don’t know how to shop for service. This is how people in pain end up with lawyers who don’t communicate, don’t listen, and leave them feeling even more lost and frustrated. I know the service and results we deliver to our clients are unlike anyone else in Atlanta, and it’s our job to show this to potential clients right away. If someone chooses not to use our firm, that’s a failure on our part, because we’re allowing a person in need to get substandard service elsewhere. In order to make sure current clients and future clients always enjoy the high level of care we offer as we continue to grow our caseload, I have made it a priority to also grow our team at the firm. We started 2018 with a total of four people in the office handling cases. At the time of writing this, we’ve grown to a team of 12, and we’re still looking to hire more. Many law firms experience rapid growth, but

they often fail to keep up the operation and headcount necessary to handle more cases. People get overworked, and client experience suffers as things fall through the cracks. Where some firms have people who handle 120–140 cases at a time, my promise to my clients and my team is to make sure each person is responsible for no more than 80 cases at once. We cannot be the kind of firm that tries to save a buck by stretching one person’s salary only to have our clients really pay the price. I’d much rather have more time to hire additional team members so I’m not forced to settle. It’s better to have extra bandwidth instead of stretching ourselves too thin and watching our level of client service fall off. “[...] it is our ethical obligation, responsibility, and duty to help as many people as possible.” Our goal for 2019 is to continue to scale up, both in terms of the number of people we’re able to help and the size of our staff. We’ve helped more people than ever before, and we’re not done yet. The

way we do things here should be the gold standard for the way personal injury clients are treated in Atlanta. Somewhere down the line, I want Brauns Law to be held up as the model for how a law firm should work — a great team offering quality service to clients who know they will be taken care of. 2018 was a truly great year, and I am so thankful to the clients who were with us through it all. Thank you for coming us in your time of need or trusting us with your loved one when they required help. We honestly wouldn’t be here without your support. I wish you a very happy new year. -David Brauns


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