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Reddy-Care is offering many new services:

• Our PTs and OTs address fall prevention, balance, and safety in the home.

We are committed to quality care and maintaining the health of our patients while remaining at home. Our goal is to promote wellness and safety at home, in an effort to reduce hospitalizations or re-admittance.

• Our therapists bring exercise equipment and modalities to the home and provide an out-patient experience, in the natural home environment. It is a rehab program at home. • OT is a separate service; it is billed separately and does not affect PT or OT. OT can be the only service provided when appropriate. • OTs are uniquely skilled to perform safety assessments and recommend appropriate home adaptations and equipment. • We offer the services of a Patient Liaison, who is a clinician, to ensure that every patient receives the attention they deserve an can oversee the process Our extensive team of over 75 carefully chosen Physical and Occupational Therapists are highly trained to provide comprehensive and compassionate care in the home and clinic.

• Reddy Care is NOT an agency. We do not bill Medicare Part A.

• Reddy Care is able to help patients that may not qualify for services under Medicare A. • Reddy Care can send therapists to the home to continue their rehab, even if there is no need for nursing or home health aid. • We are therapist owned and operated. We understand what it takes to provide quality care and facilitate positive outcomes. • We provide both PT and OT and utilize a team approach. It is a rehab program at home. • Our administrative staff efficiently manages insurance verifications and prompt scheduling. Our up-to-date EMR system ensures timely and compliant documentation.

If you have any questions or need more specific guidance for your patients, give us a call at 516-829-0030 today!



INSIDE : • Don’t Get “Tripped Up” In Your Own Home! Stay Safe! • In-Home Physical & Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy can help you in many ways! •Basic self-care such as dressing and feeding.

• ...Improve And Maintain Fine Motor Skills • What Our Patients Have to Say

At Reddy Care PT & OT, some common conditions we treat include: •Arthritis. •Fibromyalgia. •Injuries, sustained from sports, work, or motor vehicle accidents. •Surgical procedures (both before and after). •TMJ dysfunction. •Balance and gait disorders. •Chronic conditions and pain throughout the body. •Stroke •Parkinson’s •Geriatric Population

•Upper extremity, hand, and fine motor rehabilitation.

•Education for patients and caregivers on fall prevention techniques.

•Balance training for activities of daily living.

•Exercises to improve endurance.

•Recommendations to increase safety in the home and community.

•Help getting in and out of the tub, car, and bed.

•Assessment for shower equipment, grab bar placement, and adaptive equipment.

•Strategies for mild memory loss to manage medications and daily routine.

Call us to make an appointment. Ph: 516-829-0030


Don’t Get “Tripped Up” In Your Own Home! Stay Safe!

Doesn’t everyone want to live as independently as possible at home? For most of us home is a personal collection of memories. It’s filled with our most prized possessions and comfortable belongings, but are we truly safe in this familiar place? Here are some tips from our Occupational Therapist to minimize your fall risk at home and keep you or your loved one safe:

• Consider using a bedside commode, tub seat, small bed rail, a walker tray or an ambulation device.

• Remove glass doors from the tub, hang a shower curtain instead.

• Organize kitchen items, grooming supplies and clothing in closets so that commonly used objects are within easy reach. Minimize the need to bend to get to drawers or to stand on toes to reach overhead.

• Remove the throw rugs.

• Get rid of clutter.

• Keep electrical cords out of pathways.

• Wear sneakers instead of slippers or sandals.

• Use nightlights to illuminate pathways.

• Carefully label and store medications.

• Install grab bars next to the toilet, in tub/shower or anywhere that you need extra stability.

• Keep a phone close by or wear an alarm.

• Rest when you feel fatigued!

• Install railings on stairways and stoops.

Exercises And Activities To Improve And Maintain Fine Motor Skills

Doyougetfrustratedwhenyouattempt toputonyourfavoritenecklace,count pills, tie your shoes, manipulate coins or put the cap on the toothpaste tube? Hand function and fine motor skills begin to decline due to normal aging, arthritis and neurological diseases. Try some of these Occupational Therapy exercises to improve your dexterity at home. Don’t forget alternate hands for an extra challenge. • Manipulate coins: pick several in your hand one at a time and put them in a bank or small jar, one at a time. • Make a chain of paper clips. • Stack small blocks. • Practice writing your favorite poem, quote and name/signature. • Flip playing cards. Shuffle. • Flip pages in a book or magazine. • Complete jigsaw puzzles. • Manipulate pieces to board games; i.e. MasterMind, Perfection,

Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, Connect Four • Knit, Crochet, Sew. • Play computer/video games. • Fasten buttons on a shirt (can be on lap). Repeat several times. • Tie laces (can be on lap). Repeat several times. • Keep fingers extended and flat on a table. Open and close fingers while gathering a tissue or towel in between fingers. • Rip paper into pieces and crumple into small balls with fingertips. • Manipulate nuts and bolts. • Fill basin with raw rice and place objects in rice. Remove objects. • Crumple and flatten a piece of paper, paper towel, tissue. • Manipulate marbles • Stack checkers • Practice folding paper


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Staff Spotlight: Rita Levey, OTR/L

Rita Levey, OTR/L

Rita Levey, OTR/L graduated from Fairfield University with a B.S. in Biology and Spanish. She attended New York University and received a Masters of Arts in Occupational Therapy, with post graduate studies in Assistive Technology. Since then, she has received several awards for her leadership and service. She was an adjunct professor and held positions in management roles. Rita has over 25 years of experience in orthopedic and neuro rehabilitation; including upper extremity injuries, spinal cord injury, TBI, stroke recovery, MS, Parkinson’s, and the severely disabled. She is now the Patient Liaison Director and Director of our Occupational Therapy Program! At Reddy Care, Rita’s job as a Liaison is to ensure every patient gets the attention that they deserve. She understands the patient’s needs in the home and in the clinic. We are excited to have Rita part of our team and know she will make a huge difference in her patient’s lives, as she’s had for many years!

Who Do You Know That Needs Our Help?

� Stand comfortably � Run for longer distances � Live an active lifestyle

� Move without pain � Bend & move freely � Balance confidently

Do you know someone that would benefit from physical or occupational therapy? Our refer-a-friend program donates $20 to a charity after they have 5 treatments with Reddy Care!

What Our Patients Have to Say Read more on Google or on our website

In-Home Physical & Occupational Therapy

“I highly recommend Reddy Care occupational therapy!” “Ihadastroke thataffectedmy leftside.RitaLeveyhasgreatOccupational Therapy techniques for stroke. She is the only occupational therapist that I have had that has helped me use my left arm for function. She brings equipment and knowledge to help with my stroke recovery. I highly recommend Reddy Care occupational therapy!” “My PT has been extremely helpful with achieving my goals.” “I have been receiving home care PT from Reddy Care for almost 6 weeks and I am extremely happy with the progress I have been able to make thus far. My legs are stronger, my balance is better, and I am able to walker longer distances. My PT has been extremely helpful with achieving my goals.” “Would definitely use Reddy Care again...” “Thorough care given by Ashley, OT & May, PT! Wonderful personalities working with clients! Lots of positive reinforcement given! Knowledgeable of the injury related to my mother- in-law & had a specific care plan to progress her to become more independent in her activities of daily living. Would definitely use Reddy Care again & definitely use Ashley & May!”

Servicing all of Long Island & Queens. Covered by Medicare Part B & Medicare supplemental plans. Call (516) 829-0030 or Fax (516)466-7723! DID YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU HAVE MEDICARE YOU CAN BE SEEN IN YOUR HOME WITHOUT BEING HOMEBOUND? If you don't qualify for home health care through a certified home health care agency or have been discharged and need more therapy, then WE CAN HELP!

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