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drugs and defective products. Now, while this black cat with white eyes and a giant grin fights evil created by his archenemies Poindexter, The Professor, and Master Cylinder, I take on “the big, bad” insurance

It’s hard to believe that Felix the Cat™ is almost 100 years old (he really looks great for his age, no?) I fondly remember watching his adventures growing up as a kid in the early 1970s. The theme song still plays

in my head. I think it goes something like this: “Look at what’s happened to me, I can’t believe it myself. Suddenly I’m up on top of the world, it should’ve been somebody else. Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on air. I never thought I could feel so free, flyin’ away on a

companies and “greedy” corporations who refuse to take responsibility for their negligent actions. While Felix’s name was partially derived from the Latin word for “lucky,” I use “skill” that dates back to 1993. We know how to fight the good fight against the “Triple D” strategy of Delay, Deny, and Defend that defendants use against our clients. As a result, we’ll help even the playing field. At his disposal, Felix uses his one-of-a-kind “magic” bag or satchel, which usually takes the form of a suitcase, to help save the day. Before you try to make your very own, it’s long since been patented! Although I cannot legally practice magic or call myself a “wizard,” we have some of our very own tricks up our sleeves to help combat companies’ immoral practices that they try to use to help diminish the value of a case. Just like the secret formulas of Coca-Cola and KFC, mine are locked away in a biometric safe some place underneath the Bering Strait. So, the only way to see them in use firsthand is to employ The Referral King™ for your injury matter. That being said, if you ever find yourself in any type of legal maze, contact us at (844) 411-KING (5464). If we cannot help thee, my noble staff and I would be more than happy to try and refer you to another lawyer from thy Referral Kingdom™ who may be able to assist. We are always here to help!

wing and a prayer. Who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just me …” Wait, I’m sorry, that’s for another “superhero.” Let’s try again. “Felix the Cat the wonderful, wonderful cat. Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks. Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat. You’ll never know what he does next, so don’t even try to take a guess ...” I’m sure you are now pondering this question: What in tarnation do Felix and I have in common? Well, like Felix, the members of my legal team and I are inventive, good-hearted and willing to help others in need. That includes assisting individuals who suffer from workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, due to harmful REFERRALS WELCOME! Thanks for allowing us to represent you. Hopefully, we’ve earned your trust for future referrals of friends and family, even if the matter occurred outside of Florida. We are only a call, text, or email away!


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–King E

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Baby Formulas Causing a Life-Threatening Condition in Infants!

You may have a case for your child if:

Milk-based infant formulas created by Enfamil and Similac were created to provide additional supplementation to premature babies who needed it the most. Unfortunately, due to the defective design of the products, they can be linked to a serious gastrointestinal and deadly infection called necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC for short. This is a potentially life-threatening disorder in premies who were fed cow’s milk-based infant formula containing bacteria. As a result, it harms a baby’s intestinal tissue, leading to both infection and inflammation. Some symptoms include bloody diarrhea, abdominal swelling and pain, lethargy, lack of weight gain, green or yellow vomit, refusal to eat, changes in body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. NEC can cause narrowing, scarring, and the destruction of the child’s intestines. That can result in serious complications over one’s life including peritonitis, sepsis, or short bowel syndrome. In the past, studies have shown that premature infants are at a 320% greater risk of developing NEC if they were consuming this type. Manufacturers have known for many years that these products are linked to NEC. They however encouraged hospitals to use them rather than offer safer alternatives.

• they were born prematurely (34 gestational weeks or less) • they were harmed after using cow’s milk-based Similac or Enfamil formula • they were diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) • they had to undergo surgical intervention or suffered infant wrongful death Let us handle the legal issues as you have other things to worry about. There are no upfront attorney’s fees or costs. Focus on the health of your baby, while we do our thing.

Have a Drink On Me ...

Begin and end your day with drinking water. Hey, it’s the best diet drink, no calories, so gulp it down. “Bookending” like this ensures that the body remains hydrated at all times. Drink a cup of water with each cup of coffee. Many of us are used to drinking more than one cup of coffee throughout the day, but keep in mind that although it’s a liquid, it’s not very thirst-quenching. Ice is not just for penguins and seals anymore. Each time you pour a drink, use plenty of ice (unless, of course, you’re in Europe ... ). It will further boost your hydration. Don’t be a “tough guy or gal” and take medicine, supplements, and or vitamins dry. Wash it down with a nice tall cool glass of water. Your throat will thank you. Carry around a large water bottle during your travels. It will help remind you to drink up. Keep sipping wherever you go but make sure that there are facilities available. Hey, there are about 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth so don’t worry about the fishes. Infuse it. Try giving your H2O an extra kick like drinking flavored water, mineral water, vitamin water, spring/glacier water, sparkling water, and or purified water. Water is important for a healthy body and mind, so listen to The Waterboy!

If you were to ever ask Bobby Boucher, he’d say that staying hydrated is one of the pillars of healthy living. He therefore recommends a lot of high-quality H20.

In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, women should drink 11.5 cups of water a day, while men consume 15.5. If we’re being honest here, water can be pretty boring and tasteless. Here however are some ways to get more into your routine.

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If you have a stomach ache, one of the last things you’re likely to reach for is the ketchup bottle. Did you know, however, that it was once utilized as a cure for various ailments? Tums was not available until 1930. In 1834, Dr. John Cook Bennett came up with a recipe for making tomato ketchup and packaged it into pill form. He advertised it as a cure for indigestion, jaundice, diarrhea, and rheumatism. His “treatment plan” seemingly transformed the condiment into the hottest “drug” of the mid-1880s. Good thing that the FDA did not come along until 1906! Before bringing it to market, many Americans were under the impression that tomatoes were in fact poisonous. Maybe they were simply confused with the tainted apple that the evil Queen gave to Snow White? Entrepreneur Alexander Miles then teamed up with Bennett. They rebranded the product as “extract of tomato.” The craze grew and was widely publicized in American newspapers. In 1843, a story read, “Tomato Pills Will Cure All Your Ills”— like scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. Others later created their own versions of the pill. Funny thing was that some didn’t even contain any tomatoes. Scientists then examined the products to try to debunk the various health claims. Their analysis found that ketchup’s healing benefits were a hoax. By 1850, sales plummeted. Modern research however shows that tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene. It’s linked to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. They are also an abundant source of potassium, vitamins C, K and folate. So while Bennett’s claims were exaggerated, he was not too far off. Fun Fact — Heinz, the leader in the ketchup industry, annually sells 11 billion single-serve packets and over 650 million bottles. So, would you like some ketchup with your hot dog and fries?


This creamy pecan pie tastes like a dream and is simple enough for even a novice baker.


• 1/2 cup light brown sugar • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup • 1 1/2 cups finely chopped pecans, divided

• 1 9-inch uncooked pie crust • 1 cup heavy whipping cream • 1/4 cup powdered sugar • 2 8-oz bars of cream cheese, softened


1. Cook pie crust according to package instructions. 2. In a small bowl, combine heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. 3. Beat for several minutes with a hand mixer until stiff peaks form. 4. In a separate larger bowl, combine the softened cream cheese, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Beat together until combined and creamy. 5. Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture and stir together until combined. Stir in 1 cup of chopped pecans. 6. With a spatula, spread mixture into the baked and cooled pie crust.

7. Sprinkle the remaining pecans on top of the pie. 8. Cover and refrigerate overnight before serving.

Inspired by TogetherAsFamily.com

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Felix the Cat

Baby Formulas Causing a Life-Threatening Condition in Infants! Have a Drink On Me ...


Pecan Cream Pie Ketchup, a Wonder Drug?



Major April Fools’ Day Fails

April Fools’ Day Gone Wrong 3 Pranks That Severely Backfired

Practical Joke at Work In 2001, a Panama City, FL, Hooters played an April Fools’ joke by “offering” the employees a new Toyota as a contest prize. The manager told the workers that whoever sold the most beer would receive a car. The winner was then blindfolded and led outside to the parking lot, where she was given a “Toy Yoda” — a “Star Wars” action figure instead of a new vehicle. The waitress, Jodee Berry, then quit her job and sued the franchise owner, Gulf Coast Wings, Inc., for breach of contract and

April 1, aka April Fools’ Day, is when people love to pull pranks on one another. If they’re not careful, however, they could lead to some unanticipated consequences. Let’s take a look at a few that have brutally backfired. Navistar Plant Shutdown, Clark County, OH. In April 2021, Pamela Sisco texted her sister about an active shooter. Since she was frightened, the police were called. The company shut down after hearing about the incident, due to the alleged threat. When officers arrived, they charged the “jokester” with inducing panic and disrupting public services. It was a fifth degree felony. She was later tried, convicted, and sentenced to a year in the “Big House.” Radio Contest Gone Wrong KBDS (103.9 FM) is a California radio station that held a contest in 2005. They told their listeners they could win a new Hummer if they tracked the number of miles of two of them that drove around town. Shannan Castillo won the contest, and when she went to pick up her brand-new vehicle, the DJ came out with a remote control toy car. The DJ went on the air and laughed about how they fooled everyone. Castillo’s lawyer, Scott Perlman, said the station’s misrepresentation of the prizes being offered violated state law and F.C.C. regulations. The lawsuit filed sought $60,000 in damages which was the cost of the real thing.

fraudulent misrepresentation. After a confidential settlement was reached, David Noll, her attorney, said that the amount of money the woman received would allow her to “pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants.” While it is doubtful that she still has that vehicle, hindsight is 20/20. Ironically, Ms. Berry would have been better off had she simply kept the collectible toy Yoda! Remember, “The Force will be with you, always.”

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