King's Business - 1952-12


Choose your GIFTBOOKS from this outstanding list There are Van Kampen books for everyone

In the first 12 months o f showings, 83,000 recorded decisions for Christ through the ministry o f "the world’s first Christian western film.”


Badio Pals Marooned $1.00 by Charles Ludwig. A family of boys have some exciting adventures. 10,000 Minutes at Sugar Creek 1.00 b y Paul Hutchens. Latest and most amusing of the Sugar Creek Gang Series. Burt Judson, Detective 1.00 by George Bamaby. Joe and his sister Callie team up with Burt Judson, fine Christian detective. Crooked Waters 1.50 b y May Hall Thompson. Fifteen-year- old Rowene Beecroft did not even dream of the many adventures that were to befall her. Gold oi Her Glory $2.00 by Emmet Russell. A beautiful story of Christian romance. 2.50 by Bob Jones, Jr. A gripping novel from the time of Christ. 1.00 by Paul Hutchens. An action-packed story of a young woman's struggle against the sinister forces of Chicago's underworld. Wine of Morning Romance of Fire by V. Raymond Edman. 31 disciplines of life beginning with "D ," each preceded by a carefully selected poem. 2.00 by Keith L. Brooks. Many choice pas­ sages of Scripture to present some great truth of daily importance. 3.00 by Paul Hutchens. An array of nostalgic verse that is definitely a part of Ameri­ cana, well seasoned with spiritual re­ minders. Gleanings from the Word Trails of- Yesteryear

Jack Dawn and the Vanishing Horses 1.50 by Joseph W. Coughlin. Jack and his friends spend their vacation at a boys' camp in northern Michigan. 1.00 by Dorothy Grunbock Johnston. Second book in the Ginger series. .75 by Ruth McNaughton. A splendid book for pre-school children. .35 by Mildred Mornlng6tar. A completely new idea in a book for pre-school children. Ginger In Alaska Tiny Thoughts About God Billy Listens Jade Elephant 2.00 by Elise Fraser. A mystery involving a valuable oriental trinket. Uninterrupted Sky 2.00 by Paul Hutchens. Paul Hutchens has written with true understanding of those difficult problems that are the experience of many "happily married" couples. Beggar's King 2.50 by Howard C. Emmons. A gripping story of faith and romance during the first century. 2.00 by Dale Crowley. Basically a quiz book, but can be used for study as well. Quizzes for all ages, stations in life, events and conditions. 1.00 by Merv Resell. God's blueprint for living. 2.00 The remarkable inauguration and develop* ment of the now internationally-known Billy Graham ‘evangelistic crusade. How to Live with Yourself Revival in our Time

ADULT FICTION with a Christian M essage

MORE SUGGESTIONS FOR YEAR-ROUND READING PLEASURE The Disciplines of Life $2.00 The Bible Has the Answer

MID-CENTURY CRUSADE’ The Thrilling documentary film of Billy Graham’s largest campaign—in color! IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE

WATCH FOR ^ TOWN U .S .A . * * * , . _ Werld'. mo»» ntt

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