Responsible Business Report 2023

Diversity & Inclusion


Looking forward

Action and impact will remain at the heart of our approach ensuring we continue to move at pace. Throughout 2024 we will continue to invest in programmes and projects which tackle key issues. In particular, we will focus on talent development programmes and community outreach initiatives aimed at building the most inclusive Firm which harnesses the diversity of our people.

As we move into 2024, our commitment to achieving our goals remains steadfast, while recognising the need to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Building upon the successes of the Count Me In campaign, we are dedicated to building our global data capability, empowering our Firm to make informed decisions. To ensure our progress is both measurable and meaningful, we will continue to monitor our performance. This entails robustly tracking our internal key metrics, while also benchmarking ourselves against industry standards. By doing so, we can hold ourselves accountable, ensuring that our efforts are not only aligned with our strategic objectives but also meeting and exceeding expectations.

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