Responsible Business Report 2023

Environmental Sustainability & Biodiversity


Carbon footprint reduction initiatives

Sustainability initiatives

There are three broad areas of decarbonisation that we are focusing on to deliver our Net Zero strategy: 1. Maintaining a low carbon and resilient supply chain : we are working to reduce the impact of our purchased goods and services by rationalising our global supply chain, supporting our suppliers

Our sustainability initiatives can be grouped into three categories, aimed at:

• reducing our carbon footprint

• addressing wider environmental impacts and

to measure and reduce their emissions, and incorporating sustainability requirements into procurement and due diligence processes.

• offsetting carbon through avoidance or removal projects

2. Using sustainable business travel : in August 2023 the Management Board approved the adoption of a global Guidance Note on Sustainable Travel. This guidance will be incorporated into the development of regional travel policies, emphasising the need to be smarter with travel choices. We are working with our Travel Management Companies globally to improve data collection and to prioritise sustainability over cost. 3. Operating energy efficient and low-carbon workplaces : we are working to transition away from the direct consumption of fossil fuels in our offices. As of May 2023, our UK offices run on 100% renewable electricity, and we will seek to replicate this across our global office portfolio. Where this is not possible, we will purchase Energy Attribute Certificates. Separately, we are commencing a global energy opportunity assessment programme aimed at reducing energy use in all our offices.

We often talk of saving the planet, but the truth is that we must do these things to save ourselves. With or without us, the wild will return.

David Attenborough

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