Elevate program 2022

April 14 | 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Oklahoma City Convention Center




Welcome to Elevate! The Elevate experience includes a full day of development and education opportunities, including two dynamic keynote speakers, your choice of 28 breakout sessions, and a closing reception that will allow you to network with Oklahoma City’s next leaders.

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8 a.m.............. Registration| 2nd floor 8 a.m.............. Exhibitors & Breakfast Buffet | 4th floor 8:30 a.m........Welcome to Elevate! | Painted Sky Ballroom, 4th floor All breakout sessions will be held in rooms 208-209, 2nd floor, and 301A-D, 3rd floor 9 a.m.............. Breakout Session One 10:15 a.m....... Breakout Session Two 11:30 a.m....... Lunch | Keynote Address by Linda Clark | Painted Sky Ballroom 1 p.m.............. Breakout Session Three 2:15 p.m......... Breakout Session Four 3:30 p.m........Closing Keynote Address by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo | Painted Sky Ballroom 4:30 p.m........Closing Reception | Painted Sky Ballroom Foyer & Patio

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TABLE of Contents

UPLIFT10 SPONSOR Rose State College

List of Exhibitors. ...................................................................................4 9 a.m. Breakout Session One..........................................................5-7 10:15 a.m. Breakout Session Two...................................................8-9 Lunch Keynote Address......................................................................10 1 p.m. Breakout Session Three. ....................................................11-12 2:15 p.m. Breakout Session Four................................................. 13-15 Afternoon Keynote Address. .............................................................16 Closing Reception. .............................................................................16 Speaker Bios.......................................................................................17

UPLIFT20 SPONSORS American Fidelity Assurance Company City of Oklahoma City Oklahoma Blood Institute

BOOST SPONSORS Ascent Resources, LLC CLEAResult Dolese Bros. Co. Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc. VI Marketing and Branding EDUCATION TRACK SPONSOR University of Oklahoma Price College of Business



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REGISTRATION | EXHIBITORS BREAKFAST BUFFET 8 to 8:30 a.m. Start the conference off right by grabbing your name badge, attendee bag and program guide and enjoy a power- boost breakfast and some early morning engagement with other attendees and exhibiting sponsors.

WELCOME | SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE DAY 8:30 to 8:45 a.m. | Painted Sky Ballroom, 4th floor Learn what to expect from Elevate and how to make the most of the day’s opportunities. Share your thoughts, photos, speaker inspirations and more all day using #OKCELEVATE. BREAKOUT SESSION ONE | 9 TO 10 A.M. Wondering which education session is right for you? Each session is included in at least one track: boosting your sales, expanding your influence, improving your skills, managing your team, growing your business, developing your cultural competency, investing in your resilience and starting your career. If you identify with one of those categories, use that as a guide for where to start scheduling your day. You are also free to choose your own adventure based on the session topics and speakers that interest you. Pre-registration for breakout sessions is not available. Sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis until room capacity is met.


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Meeting Room 208A CHOOSE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY Tammy Overholt, American Fidelity Assurance Company

Meeting Room 301B THREE WAYS TO ELEVATE YOUR YOUNG PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Jema Esparza, United Way of Central Oklahoma

No matter the field, sector or location, workforce members start at the same place: as a young professional. What we do (or don’t do) during this time can be instrumental and set the foundation of our futures. How do we build our leadership and potential when our careers are just starting? In this session, we will discuss action items and tangible

Set yourself up for future success by learning to be intentional about the decisions you make, to be mindful of where you devote your attention, and to discover your “extraordinary.” This session is for those who want to know themselves better, focus on the important and learn how to not burn out while pursuing the extraordinary. TRACK: STARTING YOUR CAREER Meeting Room 208B I NEED A LEADERSHIP INSTRUCTION MANUAL: LEADING WITH CLARITY Kati Hanna, The Mettise Group Wouldn’t it be nice if we got an instruction manual when we became a leader on how to engage and lead each unique person on a team? Why does it seem that some members of the team sometimes just don’t get it? In this fun and engaging workshop, learn how to avoid the common leadership traps most leaders make and the three secrets great leaders follow to ensure they lead their team with clarity. Walk away with tools you can take into your workplace tomorrow. TRACK: MANAGING YOUR TEAM Meeting Room 209B BUILDING INCLUSIVE LEADERS IN THIS COMPLEX, EMPLOYEE-DRIVEN SOCIETY Sandra Quince, Paradigm for Parity Today, it is imperative that managers have skills that can attract, grow and retain key talent. They must be able to build relationships and manage in a hybrid environment with cultural awareness that is imperative in establishing an inclusive workplace. This workshop will overview the importance of cultural competency, discuss the latest trends that organizations should be preparing for and provide the skills that are necessary for inclusive leaders. TRACK: CULTURAL COMPETENCY

steps to take towards elevating our experience as a young professional. TRACK: EXPANDING YOUR INFLUENCE, STARTING YOUR CAREER

Meeting Room 301C IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD: HOW TO KEEP YOUR HEAD GAME ON POINT IN SALES Sunny Cearley, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Successful selling starts inside our own minds. Getting control of that inner dialogue can make all the difference in both easy selling environments and in difficult ones. Spend this hour with me talking about head game strategies that work, and the internal struggles that can derail you. TRACK: BOOSTING YOUR SALES

Meeting Room 301D BUILDING SMALL HABITS THAT LEAD TO EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS Boone Ellis, Express Employment Professionals

Success is not built overnight, but a function of time and effort. To achieve your long-term goals, you need to focus on the system rather than the goal itself. Whether it is learning a new skill, new personal goal or advancing your career, you must start by developing good habits. This course will cover the highlights of James Clear’s No. 1 New York Times bestseller, “Atomic Habits.” TRACK: IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS

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Join Jennifer Maynord, M.S., founder and director of Artio Services, as she helps participants deepen their emotional intelligence and the understanding of conflict resolution. Maynord integrates arts-based tools to support learning and offers practical takeaways. Participants will learn: • How to identify emotional intelligence within themselves and others •Why emotional intelligence is important professionally and personally • Four conflict resolution strategies • Arts-based tools to help integrate emotional intelligence and conflict resolution into daily life TRACK: INVESTING IN YOUR RESILIENCE

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Meeting Room 208A FIVE WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE Teresa Atkinson, Express Employment Professionals “Influence” is a buzz word we hear on a daily basis. There are social media influencers, people of influence at companies, and Time magazine releases an annual,

Meeting Room 301C LEADING PEOPLE UNLIKE YOURSELF: HOW TO THRIVE AS A FIRST-TIME PEOPLE LEADER Matthew Palmer, Heartland Payment Systems Stepping into a people leadership role for the first time is so exciting and can also mean stepping into new challenges. These challenges can certainly be stretching and sometimes surprising. In this breakout we will be chatting about how to navigate the transition from an individual contributor to leader, what to do when you realize you are leading a team of people that are not like you and how to thrive as a new people leader. The content for this breakout is great for first time people leaders or anyone wanting a refresher in healthy team leadership. TRACK: MANAGING YOUR TEAM

Give us your feedback after each session you attend by filling out a quick two-question survey! Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code below and select your session from the list.

“Most Influential People of the Year” list. While we may be aware that the word “influence” means having an effect on behavior or change, there is still some uncertainty around what influence actually is and how we can improve it. In this session, we will explore the key elements that will help us increase our influence and learn how to put influence into practice. TRACK: EXPANDING YOUR INFLUENCE Meeting Room 208B THE FUTURE IS NOW: RECRUITING, RETAINING, AND DEVELOPING MILLENNIAL AND GEN Z EMPLOYEES Landis Tindell, OKC Thunder Individuals from Generation Z now make up nearly 40% of the workforce. It’s important for leaders to understand what makes the individuals from the post-9/11 generation unique, and how to effectively recruit, onboard, retain and develop these individuals into the leaders that will sustain and grown businesses in the near future. In this session, you will learn how to develop an organizational culture that allows young professionals to grow and thrive. You’ll explore the differences between millennials and gen z’s and discover what allows young employees to easily integrate, thrive, and lead. Topics discussed will include how to engage current and potential employees, successfully recruiting and developing those employees, and standing out in the crowded workforce. TRACK: GROWING YOUR BUSINESS Meeting Room 209B STARTING FROM THE BOTTOM: STRATEGIES TOWARDS ADVANCING UPWARDS J.D. Baker, Cortado Ventures When starting a career, a young professional looks to move upward in title, management, and compensation. This session will focus on tangible tactics and strategies to help young professionals take advantage of professional opportunities to advance into leadership positions. TRACK: STARTING YOUR CAREER

Meeting Room 301D CHAMPIONING EQUITABLE ADVANCEMENT Shalynne Jackson, City of Oklahoma City

We will discuss the adversity marginalized employees face when it comes to mentorship and sponsorship and how inclusive leadership helps employees overcome such obstacles—leading to increased retention and diversifying leadership roles. Participants can expect to: • Understand the inequities in mentorship and sponsorship and how they often impact the advancement of marginalized employees. • Learn how organizations can cultivate a culture of mentorship and sponsorship by intentionally championing those types of relationships. TRACK: CULTURE COMPETENCY

At American Fidelity we believe it’s important for our Colleagues to enjoy coming to work, and being a great place to work for all helps us be a different opinion for our Customers. A Great Place toWork for All We’re hiring in IT, Customer service, training, data analysis, sales and more! Learn more about these opportunities, or share with someone you know.

The power to do great things

Meeting Room 301B WHY PEOPLE LIE TO YOU...AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Mike Crandall, Sandler Training


Often in sales, prospects and clients don’t tell us the truth, which can lead to frustration, as well as, wasted time, energy and money. If you hate the waste that comes from this – you will want to join this session. Attendees will learn how to change the dynamics of sales interactions to minimize or eliminate the lies we hear so you can more forward more efficiently and effectively. TRACK: BOOSTING YOUR SALES

Apply now at americanfidelity.com/careers





LUNCH | KEYNOTE ADDRESS 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. | Painted Sky Ballroom, 4th floor

Meeting Room 208A CREATING A CULTURE OF INCLUSION Adam Soltani, CAIR Oklahoma In this Elevate session, we will look at ways that organizations can create an inclusive culture in which diversity is seen as an asset and all members feel valued. TRACK: CULTURAL COMPETENCY

Give us your feedback after each session you attend by filling out a quick two-question survey! Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code below and select your session from the list.

ELEVATING THE ASK: THE ART OF TRANSFORMING PERSPECTIVE THROUGH INQUIRY Linda Clark, Principal & Owner, Linda Clark Consulting; Co-founder, DisruptHR OKC We’ve spent so much time becoming subject matter experts and developing expertise and sometimes we start limiting…ourselves. We limit solutions. We limit voices. We speak in declarative sentences, firmly planting a period on the end when a moment of curiosity bubbling into the space would include new voices, create the spirit of invitation, and add the spark to collaboration. The desire to fix overruns the joy of solving. When we talk about growth mindset, resilience, and growth, the successful are asking questions. Questions generate trust. A hearty “I don’t know, can you help me?” can

Meeting Room 208B KEEPING BALANCE: MIND BRAIN SKILLS AND RESILIENCE STRATEGIES FOR TODAY’S FAST-PACED LIFE Dr. R. Murali Krishna, INTEGRIS Health’s James L. Hall Center for Mind, Body and Spirit The modern life filled with great uncertainty, rapid changes, unexpected losses and increasing demands is overwhelming, leading to stress and exhaustion. Dr. Krishna will share his insights on cultivating the mind brain skills needed to develop the resilience necessary for today’s stressful life. Discover the immense healing power that could

generate trust. Trust at work, at home, in your community. Trust that softens failures and mistakes and allows another chance to try. Trust that prioritizes innovation and creativity over exhaustion and endurance. Trust that unlocks the unspoken ideas that could be the next great moment for your organization.

transform your life positively and with vibrancy. TRACK: INVESTING IN YOUR RESILIENCE

Meeting Room 209A SERVING A CUSTOMER, NOT A LIFE SENTENCE: LEARN HOW TO ENJOY YOUR WORK FOR A LIFETIME Polly Fleet, Cox Business Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win. This is also the recipe for a successful and rewarding career. Join me to discuss ways you can establish long-term customer relationships that create a successful and fulfilling future. TRACK: BOOSTING YOUR SALES Meeting Room 209B LEADING AT SCALE: HOW TO MASTER YOUR BUSINESS CASH FLOW TO GROW Stacy Eads, Scaling Up with Stacy Eads, LLC “Revenue is Vanity!” – THERE, I said it! No financial gurus & CPAs allowed in this workshop after a statement like that, just humble CEOs looking to grow their business knowledge as entrepreneurs. I’ll tell you exactly why “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, and Cash is King…” and I’ll do it all with zero spreadsheets! Do you want to grow your company in 2022? Learn the seven levers to implement today that can swiftly double your business cashflow, triple your company profit, and multiple your business value tenfold! Every business owner will leave knowing exactly how to scale profitably by learning from a prominent business growth coach. TRACK: GROWING YOUR BUSINESS


Aerospace & Cybersecurity Environmental Training Center Professional & IT Certificates Mapping with Drones Entrepreneurship D Printing / Additive Manufacturing


Summer Academies & Camps Online, In-Person, and Flexible Course Options

The Center of Workforce Excellence at Rose State serves as a go-to resource, offering educational programs for business and government agencies and thousands of adult learners each year. Moving businesses forward through custom industry-specific trainings that propel our state to the next level of economic development.


 Hudiburg Dr., Midwest City, OK  | --





Meeting Room 301A SHOW ME THE WAY: HOW FINDING THE RIGHT MENTOR CAN MOVE YOUR CAREER FORWARD Rhonda Y. Thompson, WM You’re in the workforce and things appear to be at a standstill. What do you do now? Having a mentor is the one of the steps you can take that can have a major impact on your career growth, learning and development. However, the steps you take in choosing a mentor are important to ensure you get not just a mentor, but the RIGHT mentor. Come to this session prepared to leave with information on the benefits of having a mentor, three have-to-haves for an effective mentoring plan, and the characteristics you personally need to build and maintain a great mentoring relationship. TRACK: STARTING YOUR CAREER

Meeting Room 208A ELEVATE YOUR LINKEDIN BRAND Gunnar Hood, WSI Summit

Give us your feedback after each session you attend by filling out a quick two-question survey! Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code below and select your session from the list.

With 800 million members, LinkedIn is THE professional network for building your business or career. In this session we will explore modern networking and the many ways including new LinkedIn tools you can leverage to elevate your personal brand and take your career or business to new levels of success whether you are just starting or are an experienced LinkedIn member.


Meeting Room 208B MOVING BEYOND POLITENESS Suzette V. Chang, Thick Descriptions

Meeting Room 301B FOUNDATIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Dr. Markeeva Morgan, The Boeing Company

Oklahomans rely upon politeness to conduct business. While this will often help us maintain the status quo, politeness as a fallback method does not automatically lead to progress. During periods of simple, consistent, or radical change, there are times when a traditional approach isn’t enough. How can we lead strategic diversity, equity & inclusion efforts when stakeholders are focused on being polite? Let’s talk about pushing the envelope from politeness to progress. Come to this session to experience an interactive, brave, uncomfortable and safe space for dialogue.

Drawing from a career spanning the U.S. Navy to NASA to The Boeing Company, Dr. Markeeva Morgan will share lessons and insights he’s learned throughout his career that remain foundational to his current style and continued development. TRACK: IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS


Meeting Room 301C HELP WANTED: WHY IS EVERYONE QUITTING? Doug Hacking, Relationship Resonance, Inc.

Meeting Room 209A CYBERSECURITY FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM- SIZED BUSINESSES Curtis Coleman, Oklahoma Christian University This session will cover information to help you and your staff learn about cybersecurity and make it a part of your business routine. How do you protect against and respond to ransomware, phishing, and business email imposters? This talk will also provide information on tech support scams, vendor security, and cyber insurance. Attendees will get information on free cybersecurity material, as well as, access to free videos for security awareness training for employees.

In the last couple of months, a record number of employees have voluntarily left their positions. Now more than ever, employers need improved understanding and effective strategies for retaining their people. This presentation will view the detrimental impact of COVID 19 on employee retention as well as the turnover remedies through the lens of a brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others. TRACK: MANAGING YOUR TEAM Meeting Room 301D EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES Susan Dell’Osso, Accenture During this interactive session we will discuss the notion of Everything Communicates and how consideration of each touchpoint of an experience can influence the impact you and your company make on others. TRACK: EXPANDING YOUR INFLUENCE







Teresa Rose, Communities Foundation of Oklahoma Marnie Taylor, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

In this breakout session, we will explore the importance of connection, the impact healthy relationships can have on resilience, and strategies for increasing team cohesion for both in-person and virtual work settings.

Making the move to leadership isn’t always a straight line – and sometimes it isn’t even inside your organization. In this session, you will hear three Oklahoma City leaders talking about how their involvement as a volunteer has influenced their careers, from the experience they gained to the exposure to other leaders and future employers. You will see that gaining leadership experience outside the organization can be a valuable tool for your future. TRACK: EXPANDING YOUR INFLUENCE


Meeting Room 301A THE SEVEN SECRETS OF EFFECTIVE COACHING Michael Shellabarger, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

Meeting Room 301D ASK & YE SHALL RECEIVE (WELL, MOST TIMES ANYWAY) Teresa “Tee” Hicks, Gannett & The Oklahoman

Coaching is a critical high-payoff activity for any leader to master. This engaging conversation will help you define exactly what it means to be an effective coach and provide a simple strategy for application. During the session, you’ll discover seven secrets that will elevate your abilities to build meaningful coaching relationships.

Sales executives have been told NO a myriad of times, and it may surprise us to know that some NOS have come as a result of the questions that were NEVER asked. This session will aid in developing a natural plan to authentically ASK questions that others dare to ask, to say things that others may never think to say, and to deepen the connection between you and your clients on a level that is underutilized and so misunderstood: the connection of the human spirit. Join me. Let’s have some fun and add some tools to our toolkit.



Lifesaving Careers Start Here OBI.org/careers These happy faces brought to you by blood donors.







AFTERNOON KEYNOTE ADDRESS 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.| Painted Sky Ballroom, 4th floor

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Linda Clark Principal & Owner, Linda Clark Consulting; Co-founder, DisruptHR OKC With over two decades of experience in strategic human resources and operations leadership, Linda combines peak performance, authenticity, and personal presence to maximize success for individuals and organizations. Linda offers an exceptional reputation of radical operational focus centering respect and empathy at all levels. Today, Linda is an in-demand professional speaker fluent in topics of group and team dynamics, feedback, and communication competency. She is a professionally recognized human resources strategist and provides advisory and consulting services to organizations in a range of industries including energy, education, health care, manufacturing, retail, and more. Both SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified, she developed curriculum and programs for Oklahoma City University, MetroTech, Rose State College and the University of Central Oklahoma, and is the co-founder of DisruptHR OKC. Elizabeth Lombardo America’s Most-Trusted Celebrity Psychologist; Best-selling Author; Head Coach for Happiness Lombardo’s ability to help people unlock their own, unique personal happiness code has made her America’s most interviewed celebrity psychologist, with more than 100 TV and radio appearances on shows like Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, Steve Harvey, CNN, Fox Business News and others. A licensed practicing psychologist with a Ph.D. in psychology and a master’s degree in physical therapy, Dr. Lombardo’s newest bestselling book and course, “Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love” helps anyone suffering from conditional self-worth or perfectionism turn down their critic’s voice, turn up their self-confidence and gain essential skills to flourish in work, health, relationships and life. Lombardo is also the author of “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness.”

CREATING THE NEW NORMAL Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo America’s Most-Trusted Celebrity Psychologist; Best-selling Author; Head Coach for Happiness Considered former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head coach for Happiness,” Elizabeth Lombardo is on a mission to free people from their inner critic to create the health, wealth and happiness they crave. Lombardo will use her patented true success formula to help attendees discover the three essential ingredients that will help you create success in the new normal. While there are many factors in life that people can’t control, Lombardo’s presentation will offer immediate,

actional skills that will help attendees optimize their mindset to create success, both now and in the future. By the end of Elevate, attendees of Lombardo’s keynote will be able to formulate a personalized action plan to advance in your personal and professional lives, even in unusual times.

CLOSING RECEPTION 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. | Painted Sky Ballroom Foyer & Patio

Wind down after a day of intense and motivating education sessions and get connected to other professionals in the OKC business community by attending the closing reception. Your complimentary drink ticket is included in the back of your name badge. Cash bar after drink ticket is redeemed. Bars accept cash and credit cards.





Suzette Chang Thick Descriptions Founder & CEO

Teresa Atkinson Express Employment Professionals Director of Organizational Development

Suzette V. Chang is the founder and chief executive officer of Thick Descriptions, a tax- exempt organization based in Oklahoma City, that teaches humanity thinking. Suzette oversees a carefully selected and trained team of men and women who value and understand relationships between natural and social sciences, how these experiences drive big-picture thinking, goals and objectives and everyday life through three initiatives meaning the Elephant in the Room - Unboxed (EITR-U); s.t.e.A.m. (science, technology, engineering, Anthropology and math) Learning Journeys and Oklahoma Educators Evolve (OKEE). She is also the executive director of the Guthrie Public Library.

Teresa Atkinson has spent more than 20 years helping professionals build their skills. With experience in multiple industries, including health care, manufacturing, academia, and staffing, and a master’s degree in adult education, Teresa uses her experience and knowledge to create energetic and engaging sessions.

J.D. Baker Cortado Ventures Platform Manager

Curtis Coleman Oklahoma Christian University Director of Cybersecurity

J.D. Baker is the platform manager for Cortado Ventures, an Oklahoma City-based venture capital firm. He previously served in the Oklahoma City Mayor’s office, focusing on community, economic development and diversity & inclusion. J.D. serves on the board of directors for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, OKC Black Chamber of Commerce, and as a Civic Leader for the U.S. Air and Space Forces Chiefs of Staff. He was recently recognized in the top 5 of OKC Friday newspaper’s Most Powerful Young Professionals. He received his bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Oklahoma.

Curtis Coleman is professor and director of the Cybersecurity Education Center at Oklahoma Christian University, a designated NSA National Center of Academic Excellence for Cyber Defense Education. Coleman is a retired U.S. Air Force Officer, and he has had a distinguished 20-year corporate career in cybersecurity. For more than 15 years he served as vice president and chief information cecurity officer at Seagate Technology, a multi- national digital storage manufacturing company, where he led the cybersecurity program.

Mike Crandall Sandler Training CEO

Sunny Cearley Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Vice President of Membership

Mike Crandall is the owner and principal of Sandler Training in Oklahoma City, which specializes in sales, management, and leadership development for visionary, growth- minded clients in Oklahoma City and across the United States. Using psychological principles, Mike works with business owners and motivated individuals to create and implement professional development strategies to foster the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations. Over the last twenty years Mike has been a proven leader in sales, marketing, communications, management, training, business development, market development, and client relations, which has allowed him to lead business growth regionally, nationally, and internationally across 45 states in the U.S. and five provinces in Canada.

Sunny Cearley serves as vice president of membership for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. She oversees the Chamber’s membership sales and retention efforts, member services operations and advertising and sponsorship sales. Prior to joining the leadership team at the Chamber, Cearley served as director of sales and community relations for The Journal Record Publishing Company where she led the sales efforts for a daily business newspaper, a weekly military publication and nine large-scale special events. Cearley holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Baylor University and a Master of Journalism from the University of North Texas. She is graduate of Leadership Oklahoma City Class 30 and LOYAL Class III, and was ranked No. 1 on OKC Friday’s inaugural list of Most Powerful Young Professionals in OKC.

Susan Dell’Osso Accenture Associate Director

As a member of Accenture Interactive, Susan helps clients rethink how they work, engage others, and bring value to customers, employees and communities. Her experience includes leadership roles in large and small companies, focused on marketing, strategy and innovation.




Stacy Eads Scaling Up with Stacy Eads, LLC International Business Coach & Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker. 50 Women Making a Difference. Most Admired CEO. As an International Scaling Up Business Coach, Stacy Eads guides leadership teams through the strategic planning process in the areas of People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Her One-Page Strategic Plan approach drives 2x cashflow, 3x profit, and 10x business value. Her consulting talent is in high demand to CEO coach, train teams, and speak at events. Coach Stacy empowers more than 150+ executives across the globe every year to embrace their leadership potential and scale their businesses to the next level. Learn more about her Board Room Strategic Planning expertise at www.StacyEads.com.

Polly Fleet Cox Business Senior Account Executive

Polly Fleet was originally hired by Cox Business in 1998 as the first and only cable internet sales rep in the state. This role evolved into all areas of Cox Business sales leading to her current role as senior account executive. Areas of community involvement, past and present, include Allied Arts, Infant Crisis Services, Artspace at Untitled, Oklahoma Arts Institute and TRDC campaign with the Greater OKC Chamber.

Doug Hacking Relationship Resonance, Inc. Corporate Culture Consultant

Boone Ellis Express Employment Professionals Franchise Analyst

Dr. Doug Hacking, MBA has received national recognition from almost every organization he’s been with by building solid teams that exceeded everyone’s expectations. His professional career started as a top-performing pharmaceutical sales representative generating millions in sales. Today, Doug works as a pharmacist, adjunct faculty, author, and corporate consultant focused on the mental health aspects of job strain. He has blended twenty years of professional teaching experience with research and practice to create a system aimed at helping us lower stress levels at home and in the workplace.

Boone Ellis started his career in the oil & gas industry in 2014 and experienced the highs and lows of the industry. After graduating with honors with a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University, he joined Express Employment International as a business analyst. Boone works with an amazing group of people on solving problems in the fields of corporate development and sales enablement to support over 850 franchise locations.

Kati Hanna The Mettise Group Partner

Jema Esparza United Way of Central Oklahoma Campaign Data Manager

Kati Hanna is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant originally from Boston. In her 25 years of consulting, Kati has worked with such clients as Harper Collins, Capital Records, and Bridgestreet Worldwide along with many more. Throughout her career Kati has taken companies public, driven several mergers and acquisitions, but her true passion is in building companies through their leaders. Having worked with more than 250 growing for profit and nonprofit organizations across the country and internationally, Kati’s focus for the past five years has shifted to growing Oklahoma businesses. Her key areas of focus include, business and executive coaching, leadership training and development, organizational analysis, process improvement and strategic planning, coupled with strategic initiative implementation.

Jema Esparza was born and raised in Oklahoma, after her family immigrated from central Mexico. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in human relations and public & nonprofit administration. She now works as the campaign data manager at United Way of Central Oklahoma. She serves on the Youth Leadership Exchange Board of Directors, Oklahoma City Latino Young Professionals leadership team and the Fiestas de las Americas Parade Committee at Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill. She is excited to continue finding new ways to serve Oklahoma City.




Tee Hicks Gannett & The Oklahoman VP Sales -LocaliQ & Market Lead for The Oklahoman Company

Shalynne Jackson City of Oklahoma City Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Teresa (Tee) Hicks has been drudging the hills of sales and advertising for over 42 years. Her fascination with advertising is identifying the needs of a company - why they exists - why they do what they do - what dreams are fulfilled by doing so - who they want to target - how will their product or services help their audiences - and ultimately how will the community be made better by having an experience with them? The evolution of the buyer seller cycle is the very crux of our economy and few people know that better than Tee. She connects to the genuine spirit of people and understands the value and importance of bringing the authenticity of people caring about people back to the forefront of all businesses in effort to stimulate growth within our communities. This is a PASSION without exception for Tee.

Shalynne Jackson serves as the City of Oklahoma City’s (OKC) first chief inclusion and diversity officer. Prior to joining the City of OKC, Shalynne supported strategic I&D initiatives for multiple Fortune 500 companies. She has served on various boards and is currently the Diversity Chair for the Oklahoma Human Resources State Council (OKHR). A graduate of The University of Oklahoma, Shalynne holds a Master of Human Relations. Additionally, she is a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence.

Dr. Murali Krishna INTEGRIS Health’s James L. Hall Center for Mind, Body and Spirit Co-Founder

Gunnar Hood WSI Summit Digital Marketing Consultant

Dr. R. Murali Krishna is a respected psychiatrist and Mind Body and Spirit expert and author of Vibrant: To Heal and be Whole, from India to Oklahoma City. He is known for his passion to teach coping skills and mind brain skills that enhances inner resilience and healing power. He is a distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. His Mind Matters columns and Art of Happy Living seminars are well-liked and used by countless individuals.

Gunnar Hood has a passion for helping businesses leverage technology and the internet to achieve brand visibility and drive business growth. As a WSI certified LinkedIn trainer, over the last eight years Gunnar has trained and coached thousands of individuals on LinkedIn, conducted corporate training workshops and was a featured speaker in conferences and global webinars. Before launching his digital marketing agency WSI-Summit in 2012, Hood spent 25 years in leadership roles with Fortune 100 financial service companies.

Jennifer Maynord, M.S. Artio Services Founder and Director

Rhonda Hooper Jordan Advertising President & CEO

Jennifer Maynord is the founder and director of Artio Services, a creative agency helping local artists and businesses thrive in the creative economy, improve overall wellness, and reach diverse audiences. Artio provides creative concierge services with a specialization in consulting, bookings, events, and curation. Maynord’s professional background includes project coordination, marketing, branding, wellness coaching/teaching, corporate and community event planning. The collective events and projects she has served gathered over 300,000 patrons and business owners per year and created a low projection of $6 million annual impact for the Oklahoma City metro area. She holds her master’s degree in international affairs conflict management from Seton Hall University, a SHU graduate certification in Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability, and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Certification from the University of Southern Florida.

With a long list of memberships, chairs, committees, board roles and leadership positions, it’s her “what if” curiosity and thrill-seeker spirit that complements her business mind with a gregarious personality and willingness to seek out opportunity. She’s engaged in community leadership roles: she is a past chair of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber (first female); Vice Chair of the OKC Economic Development Trust; past Chair of the OK Business Roundtable; past Chair of the OKC Convention & Visitors Commission; past Chair of Leadership Oklahoma; past Chair of the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association. She currently serves on the boards of Feed the Children, the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship at OSU, Riversport Foundation, OSU Foundation, Economic Club of Oklahoma and Women for OSU.

Dr. Markeeva Morgan The Boeing Company Senior Executive Program Director

Dr. Markeeva Morgan began his career as a U.S. Navy officer at Naval Reactors, headquarters for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program in Washington, DC. After more than a decade at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in various program management roles, Dr. Morgan transitioned to The Boeing Company, where he currently serves as a senior executive program director. A PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Dr. Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, master’s degree in engineering management, and a Ph.D. in systems engineering. He is a proud member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.




Tammy Overholt American Fidelity Assurance Company Senior Training Analyst, MBA, SHRM-SCP

Michael Shellabarger Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Learning & Development Lead

Tammy Overholt is a senior training analyst in HR at American Fidelity. She has been with the company for over 14 years and focuses on leadership and technical training. Tammy is a senior certified professional with the Society of Human Resources Management and holds an MBA with a focus on leadership and organizational development.

Michael has been employed with Love’s Family of Companies since April 2014. He currently supports the corporate human resources team with an emphasis on learning, training and development. Michael graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in broadcasting and in 2013 with a Master of Education in adult education/training.

Matthew Palmer Heartland Payment Systems Senior Director of Employee Experience

Adam Soltani CAIR Oklahoma Executive Director

Matt is the senior director of employee experience at Heartland. In this role he leads strategic initiatives connected to the full life cycle of all Heartland teammates ranging from recruiting and onboarding to leadership development and performance enablement to offboarding from the company. He is passionate about forming leaders to make a positive impact wherever they live, work and play. He has held leadership positions in large and small companies and in for profit and nonprofit organizations.

Adam Soltani is the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Oklahoma Chapter and an adjunct instructor of Islamic Studies at Oklahoma State University. He has served the Muslim and Interfaith communities of Oklahoma for more than a decade. Soltani was recognized in 2021 as one of the Most Admired CEOs in Oklahoma by The Journal Record and ranked as one of the Top 50 Young Professionals of OKC by OKC Friday news.

Sandra Quince Paradigm for Parity CEO

Marnie Taylor Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits President

Sandra Quince is the chief executive officer responsible for leading all elements of Paradigm for Parity’s strategic plan, financial, programmatic, and operational performance of the organization. She works with the coalition’s co-chairs and board of directors to oversee and execute the organization’s strategic vision and growth plan. Sandra’s current role with Bank of America included serving as the market president human resources leader for Oklahoma, responsible for driving employee engagement, retention and talent management for the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. Sandra has over 15 years of experience in human resources where she has driven work efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion, talent management and development and learning across multiple organizations and industries.

Taylor began her tenure as President and CEO in January 2011 after a number of years serving on the board of directors. One of Oklahoma’s leading governance experts, she has more than 40 years of leadership in volunteerism, board service, fundraising and community engagement. She has served on more than 30 boards of directors. Currently, she serves on the boards of Potts Family Foundation, ReMerge, Sunbeam Family Services and the Friends of the Governor’s Mansion. She currently serves as vice chair for the National Council of Nonprofits. Most recently, Taylor has been named the Journal Record’s “Most Admired CEO” in the nonprofit category.

Rhonda Thompson WM Senior Learning Consultant

Teresa Rose Communities Foundation of Oklahoma Executive Director

A Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), Rhonda has over 20 years of experience as a facilitator, instructional designer, and leadership consultant. Certifications in EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 and MBTI allow her to support employees with their personal development, coaching skills, and career goals while yet increasing her own personal knowledge and skills as a talent development professional. Rhonda had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 and 2020 Elevate Conferences and is excited to be a returning session speaker.

Having spent her career serving others and improving her community, Teresa Rose brings years of experience and expertise to her role as executive director of Communities Foundation of Oklahoma. Teresa earned both her bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University before she traveled the state representing school districts in over 150 communities. She has held various executive positions including her time at Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Teresa’s expertise in community relations, government affairs, philanthropy and legal matters, combined with her heart for giving, enable her to provide individuals, families and organizations with guidance and options as they choose the best way to approach giving.





Landis Tindell Oklahoma City Thunder Manager, Corporate Communications

Landis Tindell, APR is the manager of corporate communications for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is an avid member of PRSA, having served at the local, district, and national levels, and was inducted into the PRSSA Hall of Fame in 2021. Landis was also named a PRNEWS 30 Under 30 Rising Star in 2019. He has a Bachelor of Arts in public relations from Harding University and a Master of Arts in strategic communication from Texas Tech. In his free time Landis is a chef, photographer, musician, and local trivia host.

Emma Wassilak Sunbeam Family Services Clinical Supervisor

Emma Wassilak is the clinical supervisor for Sunbeam Family Services’ Mental Health Counseling Program. She is an LPC and state-approved supervisor for LPC Candidates. Emma strongly supports training future generations of therapists to increase access to quality mental health services for Oklahomans. Additionally, she oversees Sunbeam’s EAP services, providing solution-focused care and trainings to more than 20 organizations in Oklahoma. Emma’s training includes multiple hope-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive modalities. Emma believes in creating a safe, affirming space for all clients with respect for each person and family’s unique experiences.




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