Elevate program 2022



Meeting Room 301A SHOW ME THE WAY: HOW FINDING THE RIGHT MENTOR CAN MOVE YOUR CAREER FORWARD Rhonda Y. Thompson, WM You’re in the workforce and things appear to be at a standstill. What do you do now? Having a mentor is the one of the steps you can take that can have a major impact on your career growth, learning and development. However, the steps you take in choosing a mentor are important to ensure you get not just a mentor, but the RIGHT mentor. Come to this session prepared to leave with information on the benefits of having a mentor, three have-to-haves for an effective mentoring plan, and the characteristics you personally need to build and maintain a great mentoring relationship. TRACK: STARTING YOUR CAREER

Meeting Room 208A ELEVATE YOUR LINKEDIN BRAND Gunnar Hood, WSI Summit

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With 800 million members, LinkedIn is THE professional network for building your business or career. In this session we will explore modern networking and the many ways including new LinkedIn tools you can leverage to elevate your personal brand and take your career or business to new levels of success whether you are just starting or are an experienced LinkedIn member.


Meeting Room 208B MOVING BEYOND POLITENESS Suzette V. Chang, Thick Descriptions

Meeting Room 301B FOUNDATIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Dr. Markeeva Morgan, The Boeing Company

Oklahomans rely upon politeness to conduct business. While this will often help us maintain the status quo, politeness as a fallback method does not automatically lead to progress. During periods of simple, consistent, or radical change, there are times when a traditional approach isn’t enough. How can we lead strategic diversity, equity & inclusion efforts when stakeholders are focused on being polite? Let’s talk about pushing the envelope from politeness to progress. Come to this session to experience an interactive, brave, uncomfortable and safe space for dialogue.

Drawing from a career spanning the U.S. Navy to NASA to The Boeing Company, Dr. Markeeva Morgan will share lessons and insights he’s learned throughout his career that remain foundational to his current style and continued development. TRACK: IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS


Meeting Room 301C HELP WANTED: WHY IS EVERYONE QUITTING? Doug Hacking, Relationship Resonance, Inc.

Meeting Room 209A CYBERSECURITY FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM- SIZED BUSINESSES Curtis Coleman, Oklahoma Christian University This session will cover information to help you and your staff learn about cybersecurity and make it a part of your business routine. How do you protect against and respond to ransomware, phishing, and business email imposters? This talk will also provide information on tech support scams, vendor security, and cyber insurance. Attendees will get information on free cybersecurity material, as well as, access to free videos for security awareness training for employees.

In the last couple of months, a record number of employees have voluntarily left their positions. Now more than ever, employers need improved understanding and effective strategies for retaining their people. This presentation will view the detrimental impact of COVID 19 on employee retention as well as the turnover remedies through the lens of a brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others. TRACK: MANAGING YOUR TEAM Meeting Room 301D EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES Susan Dell’Osso, Accenture During this interactive session we will discuss the notion of Everything Communicates and how consideration of each touchpoint of an experience can influence the impact you and your company make on others. TRACK: EXPANDING YOUR INFLUENCE




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