Key Points Dates

• Do not choose an end date – leave open ended.

Do not require TEP

• Unlike other contracts, CSO contracts do not require TEP meter (7777).

Contract at CTP

• For meters with a CTP, on your CSO agreement, you must contract at the CTP not the physical meter.

No Additional Conditions required

Only preapproved text

RFS Contract Amendments Amendment Types •

Four Types of Amendments can be done 1. Transferring capacity from one meter to another 2. Shedding firm demand at the end of the contract

3. Increasing firm demand at renewal date 4. Amend CSO agreements to add meters

• Increasing firm capacity in the middle of a contract’s term CANNOT be done through an amendment. This would be done through a New RFS and would be a new contract.

Where to Amend a Contract

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