Market Leader Extra Pre-intermediate Practice File

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A Choose the best word (a, b or c) to complete each space in the advert.

Lambrois 303 Your careers guidance service


If you don’t have a career and want to make a career

1 in mind or if you are tired of your old nine-to-five


3 , you can just call us on the telephone number below to find

out how we can help you. We will work with you to understand what is really important to you. For example, are you more interested in 4 a lot of money or in having the opportunity to 5 the career ladder? Our experienced counsellors will also review your existing skills, experience and 6 to help guide you into a role that will be right for you. They may also ask you to 7 a psychometric test to help them to understand what areas of 8 suit you best. Maybe you are thinking of a job in finance but are you really good with 9 ? Or a position in 10 resources but do you really enjoy dealing with people and their needs? Don’t delay, call us today on: 020 72489894 .

1 a) ladder 2 a) work 3 a) move 4 a) doing 5 a) climb

b) path

c) opportunity c) employee

b) job

b) training b) earning b) follow b) levels b) make b) progress

c) break c) taking

c) earn

6 a) diplomas

c) qualifications

7 a) give

c) do c) job

8 a) employment

9 a) figures

b) counts

c) maths c) human

10 a) personnel

b) staff

B Complete each sentence with the correct form of an item from the box.

to involve to be in charge to deal to look to make sure to be responsible


1 Lev Migachov works in research and development. His job

developing new products and new ideas. 2 Suzana Lonza is the receptionist. She takes messages. 3 Nadine Deschamps works for HR. She

after visitors and

with staff problems, as well as

with recruitment and training. 4 Linda Eriksen is our Quality Control Inspector. She products and trying to improve their quality. 5 Jose Manzano is our Security Officer. He

for monitoring our

that our staff and premises

are protected against crime. 6 Hans Reiter is our new Maintenance Engineer. He checks all our equipment regularly and of all repairs.


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