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I am able to walk without pain!

Why You Need To Come Back In For Another Check Up: • Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently and securely • Sit for long periods comfortably • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle

“Ihavebeencoming toEmpowerPhysicalTherapyandFitnessbecause of my plantar fasciitis. For three months, I had such tremendous pain that I was barely able to walk or even do my job! It is all thanks to the Empower staff (and the Graston Tools) that I was able to get to where I am today. I am able to walk without pain and I am able to go to work without having any issues! Thanks Empower!” - Anita L. THIS CAN BE YOU! CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! METROPOLITAN PARKWAY (586) 228-7000 HALL ROAD (586) 868-7000


Service Spotlight

SLEEPER STRETCH Start by lying on your side with the affected arm on the bottom. Your affected arm should be bent at the elbow and forearm pointed upwards towards the ceiling as shown. Next, use your unaffected arm to gently draw your affected forearm towards the table or bed. Relieve Shoulder Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing shoulder pain.


Are you unhappy with your body, health,energy levelsorperformance? If so you’ve come to the right place. Empower offers 1-on-1 personal trainingandnutritionguidanceaswell asavarietyofgroupclassesandboot camps to fit your needs. Our clients are given the personal attention they needandprograms thatwork.Before startinganyprogramwedoadetailed evaluationandanalysisofyourcurrent lifestyle, activity level, diet, fitness levels and goals. We then use this to

tailor a program specifically for you that will not only get you to your goal but will be a lot of fun in the process. What can you expect from us? • Fun, Effective, Safe Workouts • Nutrition Help • Motivation • Guidance • Support • Accountability • Fun • And most important...RESULTS!!!!



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