Tork Product Portfolio Australia 2022/23

Polishing is creating a protected surface

Wiping is mopping up spills, soaking up liquids and picking up dirt and dust with paper.

Cleaning is removing dirt and stains with non-woven cloths that are dry or used together with water, solvents or detergents.

with polish applied and rubbed by a non-woven cloth to a shiny finish.






Product certification

ISEGA conduct independent testing and certification of material intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Tork paper products with QuickDry are stronger when wet and more absorbent than ordinary paper. Tork Cleaning Cloths are produced using our patented exelCLEAN ® endless fibre technology, which increases the strength of the cloth, improves high-performance durability and cleaning performance. SmartCore is the most convenient way to extract a core – no need for tearing and easier to remove. SmartCore gives more sheets on the roll and less air in the packaging optimising transport efficiency.

Certified by HACCP International means product is food safe and compatible with HACCP based food safety programmes. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an internationally recognised risk management system.

FIle name: Date: 29/11/12

HACCP has three key Food Zone Classifications:

FZP (Food Zone Primary) items are suitable to use in the food zone and are suitable for contact with food.


FZS (Food Zone Secondary) items are suitable for touching food contact surfaces but are not expected to touch food during normal conditions of use. SSZ (Splash or Spill Zone) items are suitable for use in food handling areas such as kitchens, production and processing areas, but are not suitable for coming directly into contact with food or items that will touch food.



Aviation certified AMS 3819C or BMS 15-5G includes physical and chemical testing for use in aviation.


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