Tork Product Portfolio Australia 2022/23

Elevate your hand hygiene

Hand washing procedure

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly for at least 60 seconds with soap, water and paper towel

Clean hands are healthy hands. Stay safe and sanitise.

Tork is here to support you to educate and encourage proper hand hygiene within your facility.





Wet hands and arms to remove dirt

Apply soap – be sure to dispense enough to cover both hands

Scrub hands and arms vigorously starting with palms

Rub the back of one hand against the palm of the other, then swap





Rub palms together with fingers interlaced

Rub tips of fingers against palm of the opposite hand

Wash each thumb by rotating inside the palm of the other hand

Rub the backs of fingers in small circular motions against palms

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection *

*CDC general information on hand hygiene




Remember to wash the wrists

Rinse hands and arms thoroughly with water for 30 seconds

Dry hands and arms with a single use paper towel

We can provide tools, training and materials to help you with hand hygiene whatever your industry. - Hand hygiene audit checklists - Hand hygiene posters and prompters - Hand hygiene training – face to face or online

Posters can be downloaded here or you can book a free training session for your team.


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