Tork Product Portfolio Australia 2022/23

Facility Management

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Upgrade to Tork Vision Cleaning

Save 20% of your cleaning hours 10 and respond to cleaning and dispenser refill needs before you get complaints.

Tork Vision Cleaning uses real-time data to help you better support facility hygiene and make every moment count. Dispensers are stocked 99% 11 of the time with a 91% 12 reduction in dispenser checks.

1 Tork Vision Cleaning Sensors in dispensers measure visits and refill levels in real-time 2 Real-time information lets cleaners act on what’s needed, when and where 3 Managers are in control and can plan smarter with less time and effort

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Contact Tork to arrange a demonstration to see how Tork Vision Cleaning can maximise your resources and operational efficiency.

Note: Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube ®

10 Based on the documented results achieved by three Tork Vision Cleaning customers, measured before and after the implementation of Tork Vision Cleaning. 11 Based on customer feedback for dispenser checks over 6 months before vs after installing Tork Vision Cleaning (between June-December 2019). Measured across 16 sites connected to Tork Vision Cleaning, with each dispenser check taking approx. 20 seconds. 12 Measured across nearly 13,000 connected dispensers between June-December 2019, based on time per month that a dispenser is in an empty status against total time per month.


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