MICHAEL SAJECKI; ALBUMS: 1) Tubular Bells-Mick Oldfield (Virgin/Atlantic) , 2) Quadr~phenia-The Who (MCA) 3) Berlin-Lou Reed (RCA) _ 4) Six Wives of Henry.VIII-Rick Wakeman (A & M) 5) Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd (Harvest/Capital) 6) Tyranny and Mutation-Blue Oyster Cult (Columbia) 7) Mott-Mott the Hoople (Columbia) · 8) Stealer's Wheel-Stealer's Wheel (A & M) 9) Grand Hotel-Procul Harum (Chrysal1s/Warners) 10) TIE Larks Tongue in Aspic:King Crimson Desperado-The.Eagles Honorable Mention - The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get-Joe Walsh (ABC) SINGLES: 1) Everybody's Agreed that Everything Will Tum Out Fine-Stealer's Wheel ·· 2) Rocky Mountain Way-Joe Walsh 3) Tequila Sunrise-The Eagles Special ,Awards: 1. Milk Dud of the Year - Cat Stevens ·_''Forei~ner" , 2. Redundant comeback of the Year - Chicago - "Chicago VI" 3. Goodyear Blimp award - Carole King - "fantasy" 4. Intoxicated spirit award - Goerge Harri~on - " in the Material World" ANDY CUTLER: ' ALBUMS: ' 1) A Wjzard, A True Star-1,'odd 'Rundgren (Bearsville) . 2) Old Soldiers Never Die-Heads, Hands and Feet (Atco) 3) Overnite Sensation-Mothers (Discreet/Warners) ;4) Boulders-Roy Wood (United Artists) - 5) Tyranny and Mutadon-Blue Oyster Cult (Columbia) 6) Mott-Mott the Hoople (Columbia) _ 7) Paris 1919-John Cale (Reprise) 8) Tattoo-Rory Gallagher (Polydor) , 9) Quadrophenia-Who (MCA) 10) Great Lost Kinks Album-Kinks (Reprise) SINGLES: 1) See My Baby Jive-Wizzard 2) On of the Survivors-Kinks 3) Keep On Truckin'-Eddie Kendricks BEST MOVIE: 0 Lucky Man - directed by Lindsay Anderson; starring Malcolm McDowell, music by Alan Price. BEST NEW GROUPS: Aerosmith, Scrubbaloe Caine, White Chocolate, l0C.C. \ DECAPTIATION . AWARD HUMANITY: N.Y. Doll~ FOR CRIMES AGAINS'I'


. -·-·· ··-------·

bye-bye '

Volume One· Number Five

Shakin Street Self·Indulgence Issue

SELF-INDULGENCE ~owie did it. Bryan Ferry did it. Elton John did it. Climax Blues Band did it. Wishbone Ash did it. Focus did it. Clapton has been doing it for years. Neil Young did it. Peter Panks did it. Wet Willie did it. John Lennon did it. Paul McCartney did it. George Harrison did it. Ian Anderson did it. The Dead ... well, you know about them. Marc Bolan did it. Self-indulgence is giving to one's own desires to excess and it's a part of rock as sweat, good times, electricity and sex, sex, sex.

Probably the worst example of self-indulgence is right here. The Shakin' St. staff (Sperrazza, Cutler, Sajecki, Meinzer), along with v,arious other frustrated rock s'tars, giving in to one of their fondest desires: listing their very own Top 10 albums for 1'973, top singles and whatever else they feel like giving in to. Ask them and they'll tell you they're ·acknowledging t_heir _ love and respect for the stars by imitating them. But we know what they're really doing. ' Shocking.

5. Truck Driver in Drag award - Elton John - "?" (take your pick-ed.) (>. The Ram it up your ass award - Deep Purple - "Made in Japan" 7. Preachy nose-picker award ·- Carlos Santana and John Mclaughlin - "Love Devotion and Surrender" 8. The most aptly phrased album title award - The Bee Gees - "Life in a Tin Can" 9. Stratovarious Award (for having the nerve to exist) - Uriah Heep 10. Hus!) Puppy of the Year - Art Garfunkel - "Angel Clare" 11. Cheshire Cat award - Neil Young - "Time Fades Away" Bye Neil EXTRA - Music to pop pop-corn by award - The Rolling Stones - "Angie"

GARY SPERRAZZA! ALBUMS: \ 1) The Sweet (Bell) 2) Mott-Mott The Hoople(Columbia)

3) Tyranny & Mutation-Blue Oyster Cult (Columbia) 4) A Wizard, A True Star-Todd Rundgren (Bearsville) 5) Split Ends-Move (United Artists) 6) Boulders-Roy Wood (United Artists) 7) Wizzard's Brew-Roy Wood's Wizzard (United Artists) 8) About Us-Stories (Kama Sutra)

9) 10 C.C. (UK/London) 10) Aerosmith (Columbia) SINGLES : 1) Rubber Bullets-IO C.C.


2) See My Baby Jive-Wizzard 3) Avenging Annie-Andy Pratt SONG OF THE YEAR: Hellraiser-The Sweet C?NCERT OF THE YEAR: Mott the Hoople (Oct. 17) ROCKWRITER OF THE YEAR: Greg Shaw, Michael Sajecki MAN OF THE YEAR: Todd Rundgren

This is Andy's Passport photo. No wonder they won't let him out of the· country. ,

BRIGHTEST AND BEST NEW GROUPS:.The Sweet, lOC.C., Aerosmith, White Chocolate, Montrose, Blue and all Shakin' St. readers 1 _ ' DEATH AWARD: Jim Croce, Eric Clap.ton THE "GET DOWN AND GET WITH ,IT OR GET LOST" AWARD: to all those left-that I didn't mention

THE FIRST ANNUAL "IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GOT OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND GOT BACK TO SOME GOOD MUSIC: Steve Miller, for The Joker THE "HOW COME YOUVE GOTTEN SO GODDAM LAME LATELY" AWARD: all the former Beatles, Booker T., Ian Anderson, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck· ROCKWRITER OF THE YEAR: Gary Sperrazza ,\

MOVIE TO END ALL MOVIES: Sisters (American International Pictures)


STRAIT, 13 DECEl\,'IBER 1973. 1


1>' STRAIT, 13 DECEMBER 1973



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