' - Long Players Sometimes it seems that there 's a limit

to the- inventiveness one can reap from electronic keybaord devices'. Synthesizers have been touted to be the instrument of the future, but haven't we heard just too much too soon? Ever since they made their appearance on the contemporary scene, they've been used and misused into banality. Emerson may be the keybaord genius of -our time, but his obsession with futuristic electronics cannot appeal to the ·masses. This may sound reactionary but how do·you think your parents felt the first time they heard an electric guitar? If Brain .Salad Surgery is an example of what rock is becoming, I'll take Chuck Berry anyday.


over-fuzzed \ bass and dramatic vocals, Emerson playing with his custom made synthesizer much like a child obsessed with some new toy. Now don't get upset with that last simile, I admit Emerson is as good as anybody's going to get, but for crissa[{es, I'm bored with the whole approach._ T3rain Salad Surgery is typical ELP : high-energy triviil,. It. seems that this is just another chapther in the-,continuing saga of · what the modern comgoser, Emerson, is into lately. The album opens with "Jerusalem," a mild unassi.uriing song about the Second Coming (or the first d~pending on which church's dogma you want to believe) of the Messiah, this 'time to "England's , green and pleasant land." Next comes Alberto Ginastera's "Toccata," a great example of Emerson's egocentric overindulgence of electronic keyboard devices. This one goes nowhere f~st faster than anyone would expect. "Still You Turn Me On" will probably be their next single. It's a pleasant : inoffe~sive song, the type Lake sings best. "Benny the Bpuncer" tries to be a , honky-tonker but it's too mechanical to be real and Pete Sinfield's shallow, vapid lyrics make it all the more distasteful. Sinfield's collaboration is very evident on , this album and his lyrics for "Benny" don't reflect the poetry that can be found in any of his previous work (Solo album : Still, and various King_Crimson LP's). "Karn Evil 9," divided into three impressions, takes up the i:est of the albµm. "Impression One, Part One" ends side ·one with some tasty organ licks and · continues onto side two. The theme of this piece seems to have been based on the malevolent carnival in Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes." "Impression Two" is an instrumental' opening with Emerson, a Ia Brubeck, on piano and turn.s into a Caribbean "Dance Macab,re" with Emerson's synthesizer capturing the sound and feel of steel drums. This part is the best and most inventive track.-on the album as Emerson heavily relies on piano, something he doesn't often do these days. "I~pression Three" ends the album, Emerson's fingers flying wildly, matching Palmer's flurried drumbeats.

1) Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys-Ario Guthrie (Wamers) 2) Last Train to Hicksville-Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks (Blue Thu!Ub) . 3) Don't Cry Now-Linda Ronstadt (Elecktra/~sylum) • 4) Comin' Right At You-Asleep at the Wheel (United Artists) 5) Hank Wilson's Back-Leon Russell (Shelter) - 6) Quadrophenia-Who (MCA) 7) Roger McGuinn (Columbia) 8) Full Circle-Byrds (Elecktra/Asylum) 9) Playin' Favorites-Don McLean (United Artists) 10) Don't Quit Your Day Job-Country Gazette (United Artists)

-Andy Cutler


Hank Williams'

MOST! LAMENTED CASUALTY OF THE' "CREATIVE ENERGY" CRISIS: Loggins a_nd Me~sina ROCKWRITER OF THE YEAR : Andy Cutler DEATH AWARD: Clarence White, Gram Parsons Jim Croce Dan Hicks & Pals , Shakin' Street Gazette, ' · '

BEST NEW GROUP : Asleep at the Wheel

ELP ' BRAIN SALAD SURGERY Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Manticore/Atlantic) Like I always say, ypu hear one ELP disc and · you've heard ·'em ·all. 1 Keith Emerson is a fine organist, probably one of the best to emerge in the Sixties, but nqw he's so preoccupied with playing with his synthesizers, one cannot expect from ELP the eclectic joy we came to expect from him when he Jed the Nice (Note: the Nice have re-formed without . Emerson. Lee Jackson and Brian Davison have gotten back together, with a different organist named Patrick Moraz and , the new band is called Refugee. Album due in February-Ed.). Even then he was into shock rock, what with his fabled tap dance on fhe keys 9f h_is organ 'and making love to it like Hendrix made love to his guitar. Their unorthodox mixture of the classics, rock and blues endeared them to few so tl;leir cult . following was all the more enthusiastic and fanatic. Few had heard of Keith Emerson when ELP's first disc came out but it swiftly became a must for the. 'with it' crowd fo have in his or her collection. It was a good album, full or original ideas and it ~xplored territory that had been wilderness up to then. The only trouble , with what ELP have ' done since then is . that tt all sounds tlie same: Carl Palmer beating holy hell out of the World's Largest brum Kit, Greg Lake's

BEST VOCALIST: Linda Ronstadt I BOOK OF /THE YEAR: Writings and Drawings by Bob Dylan

JOE FERNBACHER: ALBUMS (in no particular order of import~nce) Mott-Mott the Hoople (Columbia) Sweet (Bell) - NewYork Dolls (Mercury) A Wizard A T_rue Star-Todd Rundgren (Bearsville)

Alice has nothing to say this ish, so he asked us to print him in a pose befitting his noble stature. Shakin' St. readers know full well that Alice picked Buffalo as the last date of his Billion Dollar ' Babies 'Holiday Tour and the Aud is the No. 1 place to be New Year's Eve as Alice Cooper anH Z.Z. Topp introduce you to 1974. Tickets are $6, all reserved seats, and can be purchased at all Festival East outlets.

Rock On-David Essex (Columbia) Paris 1919-John Cale (Warners) Tyranny _and Mutation-B!ue Oyster Cult (Columbia) Preserv~t1on Act One-Kmks (RCA) (for centimental reesons only-sigh, pant, huff~ Brownsvi~Ie Station-Oh Yeah (Big Tree/Bell) ('cause Cubee is so ugly - like John Lennon oh ·drano for a month.. .) · , "ol' blue ~yes is back" Frank Sinatra (Warners) (anybody who ~as born m Hoboken,did da do in the show biz for almost fi~ty ~ears should be .o~ e,veryone's tqp ten list, everi if the Ip stmko1ds-for the fan listen to Frankie Laine-Kingpin of the Nashville Mafia-huh) Bubbling Under : Harper's Bourbon- an' Old Crow hallucinations: The _rest 'of the y~ar sucked, and I·probably would've sliced my eyelids o_ff, but _I m a~ apathetic as the,rest of you mushrooms out der m 0-mmd Mecca,verse... 'member 1974 : Year of th~ Smooth Shit. Hemrrohoi~ of the . Year: Lou Reed, Lou Reed, Lou Reed, s_ubway tram eats 01d ca~se oid is just zip in the iip and still likes Judy Garland-how drool. Unconscious Award of the Year: goes to the bass 'player from the York DoHs, ~rthur cause he's a living example of :ock n roll p~wer at its finest - besides his old lady, whose Just as O as he 1s, cut off his thumb because he wouldn't take her sumwhere over the rainbow

The Jo~seph Goebbells Award : goes to Sandy Pearlman for his work with the Blue Oyster Cult Man 1 ofthe Year : Juen Millington Woman of the Year: Wayne County .

Enviroment of the Year: Jackson Heights -Year of the Year: 1986-buzzzzz click Special Awards section :

Jim Thrope wah-hoo award: goes to dat fat red face what made an ass of herself on the Academy Awards show-just so's she could show her custard in playboy- boooooooooooo- . 00000, remember Troy New York-cause no-one else will not · even the Trojans. ' Meltzer Sports Award of the Year: goes to Pedro Morales cau_se 1 he should eliminated, and the only way your gonna do It ,s to make him more famous ... spike da spik .. . Noddy Hol~er Ayvard: Goes to Noddy Holder cause he's .ugly ,and ~lade am't ever gonna make it in the States cuz they can' spel nte: , (Joe is Music Ed. of the Spectrum, co-editor of Punk Magazine and writer for the Buffalo New Times, Zoo World and Creem. With such hotshot credentials, ladies, his are the shorts you'd want to mitk-Ed.)

"I wanna be your dog." Well, not really, but everybody knows where Iggy Pop gets his inspiration from, all of which has nothing to do with the fact that Festival East will be presenting themusical parody Grease at Kleinhans Jan. 10 at 8 pm. Tickets are $6.50, $5.50 and $4.50 and are available at all Festival ticket outlets-.





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