• albums, Hard Stuff and Bolex Dementia). , We're waiting for Steve Bolton (he played on AT No. 4) to surface with a new band . since he just left this on~. Instead, Crane ends up being the steppmg stone for everybody else to say they came from\ even Chris Farlo_we the Welsh teddybear v.ocalist of the early 60's British R&B fame attempting · his eighteenth comeback. Crane seems to be the only one who can put up with his obnoxious· caterwauling. .As for the music, you've heard this kind of vapid British half-rock befqre and if you haven't, pick up their . second (Death Walks Behind You) and see for yourself that you haven't missed ~ything. As the music progresses and the J'I\Ulti-million dollar record industry grows, it gets more and more difficult to pidgeon hole or type even a single album, let alone an artist. Andy Williams' latest album is a good example. His vocal sfyle shows quite obvi_ously that he is still an easy listening, pop/variety singer. But you can' also tell he's been listening to some "contemporary" rock. Harry Nilson recorded an album of old ballads, and now Andy has a collection of "new" rock ballads. His strings are still there, but they're beefed up a bit with electronic bass (Klaus Voorman), electronic guitar (Jimmy Calvert), and another pair of rock studio men, Nicky Hopkins, and Jim Keltner. The sound, while not very imaginative, is not bad, and matches pretty much the stuff done ~Y television studio orchestras. The material is by Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, et al. It'sinot rock, but it's one small step for a man... THE FASTEST HARP IN THE SOUTH , Charlie McCoy (CBS) Now here's a guy that knows about album credits. Each of the thirty or so musicians wh·o contributed to this mainly instrument album are listed on the jacket and can be heard on the 1 r tracks. Many of the same musicians that joined Leon Russell on Hank Wilson's Back are here (compare the arrangements of "Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms"), but Charlie McCoy's harmonica is featured and demonstrates why he is one of the most respected (and employed) Nashville musicians around. SOLITARE Andy Williams (CBS)

Photos by Janet Czombel

Shakin' Street Fans storm the office.

Space Ritual (United Artists).

Metal mania strikes! Hawkwind gets the Sonic Attack award for their 2-record

with girls young enough to be his ·daughters.Hint: it's not Helen Reddy.

Puzzle: Find the hidden Move poster and wonder what a noted rock star is doing ( {


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