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For the Love of the Game

you.The only drawback to Fenway is the seats. I don’t know if folks in those days were just a lot smaller, or if they just put up with smaller seats. For my brother and me, both of us tall guys, they gave us a rough time.That said, even though it was cramped, it was still an unforgettable experience. On the other end of the spectrum, the Houston Astros have a really nice stadium that’s much newer. It has restaurants all around it and a little museum featuring the Astros.The way they designed it, the roof can open or close depending on the weather. If it gets too hot in the stadium, they can turn on air conditioning. And the seats are really comfortable. Well, I’m off to get caught up on the latest game — those Royals have been giving us a tough time. Have a wonderful June, and I’ll see you back here next month!

you could say I’m a fan.There’s something about watching a sport where everyone is helping each other out. You know those players who don’t score all the home runs but do help their teammates out? They are my favorite players. It’s not about the individual glory; it’s about supporting your team. Baseball has become a big part of my life, and now my family is picking up on the hobby — or should I say obsession? I’ve been coaching Russell’s team, and now Adam, who’s 4, is starting T-Ball. He’s played his first few games! They’re just learning how to get the motions down, but I foresee him really enjoying it. He loves to go in the backyard to throw and practice hitting. Among the stadiums I’ve been to, there have been some memorable ones. Watching the Red Sox play in Fenway Park definitely stands out in my mind. It’s been around since the early 1900s and has been the site of so many historic games. You can practically feel the nostalgia all around

At the end of the summer, I’ll have traveled to 20 baseball stadiums. I still have a few to go. You might say this is a hobby. In August, I’m heading to Rogers Center in Toronto. I have a friend there whom I’ve known since childhood and who is also an A’s fan, and he’s serving in the military in New York, so Russell and I are going to visit him.The three of us will drive to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays — we unfortunately couldn’t find an A’s game at the right time, but it’s still going to be great. Russell has been wanting to go to a pro game for a while, so it’s exciting that we’ll get to share this experience. That’s another stadium crossed off my list — No. 20. This time of year, you’re most likely to find me catching up on the latest A’s game. I’m usually a day or two behind — every once in a while, I’ll catch a live game on TV, but it’s not often. When I go to the gym, I just try to avoid any screen like it’s going to hurt my eyes. I don’t check ESPN until I know the scores — yes,

–Dr. Elkins

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